Entertainment Arts Advice from Jennifer Aniston post divorce from Brad Pitt

Advice from Jennifer Aniston post divorce from Brad Pitt

“I don’t feel like a victim. I’ve worked with this therapist for a long time, and her major focus is that you get one day of being a victim—and that’s it. Then we take responsibility for our own input,” said the star




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Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to breakups. The Friends actress got married to Brad Pitt but they split when it did not work out. She then got married to Justin Theroux but they also got divorced later. Jennifer has become a more confident person after her breakups. She was able to stay strong thanks to her positive mindset during her divorces. In 2005, Jennifer and Brad broke up and the actress gave advice to her fans. Jennifer and Brad first met in 1998 and they started going out.

Their relationship was a secret and it was only publicised in 1999. In 2000, Brad and Jennifer tied the knot in an intimate wedding. Their marriage ended in 2005 and in October 2005, their divorce was finalised. It is believed that Brad and Jennifer’s relationship ended because he cheated on her with his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. Jennifer and Angelina denied these rumours. Jennifer shared in an interview that Brad and her had drifted apart.

Speaking to the Today show in 2005, Jennifer said that relationships are complicated and that there are all these levels of growth. When a couple stops growing together, that is when the problems arise. After breaking up with Brad, Jennifer spoke to Vanity Fair in 2005 about her feelings. The actress said that she was lonely, upset and confused. After the divorce, she sought therapy and did not dwell in the negativity.

Brad Pitt apologised to Jennifer Aniston for his part in the breakup. Picture: Instagram

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“I believe in therapy; I think it’s an incredible tool in educating the self on the self,” Jennifer said. “I feel very strong. I’m really proud of how I’ve conducted myself.” She added: “I don’t feel like a victim. I’ve worked with this therapist for a long time, and her major focus is that you get one day of being a victim—and that’s it. Then we take responsibility for our own input.”

Jennifer felt that it is crucial to realise one’s own responsibility in a breakup no matter how small it seems. “Relationships are two people; everyone is accountable. A lot goes into a relationship coming together, and a lot goes into a relationship falling apart,” Jennifer shared. “[My therapist would] say, ‘Even if it’s 98 percent the other person’s fault, it’s 2 percent yours, and that’s what we’re going to focus on.’ You can only clean up your side of the street.”

It appeared that Jennifer and Brad did not get along well after the divorce. But they seem to have moved on and are in a better place now. An insider shared with Entertainment Tonight that Brad apologised to Jennifer for his part in their breakup. “Brad is completely sober now and is in such a different place than he was when they were together,” the insider said. “He has apologised to her for many things he felt were his issues in their relationship. He truly takes ownership for his mistakes and that has changed their relationship with each other today. They both have moved on.”

In 2019, the Ad Astra actor was spotted attending Jennifer’s 50th birthday party. Fans of the duo may wish for them to reconcile but it seems that they are happy being friends for now.

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