A mother who does not have a good relationship with her daughter was called out online for wanting to be compensated when she was not allowed to move in with the daughter and the daughter’s husband.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the daughter wrote that since she was young, she has not had a good relationship with her mother. “She has been abusive to me, verbally and physically until I am a working adult. The last time she tried to strike me I blocked her blow for the first time”, the daughter wrote, adding that the mother treated her brother very differently.

“When I start to work, she demanded that I give her half of my paycheck I am to pay her back all the money she spent on me since I was born. She never said any of those things to my brother when my brother started working and she didn’t take money from him because she didn’t want to ‘bother’ him,” the daughter added. 

Whenever she would be forced to pay for her mother’s expenses, she also noted that her brother would never offer to split the cost with her.

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After she got married to a man from a “middle class income” family, her mother made a lot of demands on her and “spent all the money she had collected from my wedding on redoing the entire house when the house is still relatively new”.

Because her mother would only listen to men, her daughter would often let her husband speak to her mother. After she and her husband bought a unit in a condominium with the help of her husband’s family, her mother “self declared she will move in with me. She wanted to sell her flat and give my brother all the money”.

“My mother also told me she won’t leave anything for me since I married well and my brother will be the ‘man of the house’ in the future so he needs money. The amount of bias that I endured is enough. Now my mother and brother are calling me ungrateful for refusing to let my mother move into my condo,” she said, adding that her mother wanted to be compensated for not being allowed to move in with the couple.

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The condominium is still under construction, she said, and for reasons not specified, she said she was still living with her mother.

“Sometimes I wonder have I done anything to my mother to make her treat me like this. It’s not enough that during childhood she treated me less of a human compared to my brother, now she make me feel like I shouldn’t have any children should I become a crazy woman like her too”, she wrote. 

Netizens told the daughter she should stand her ground. Here’s what they said: