A.I filter now able to turn you into a “Woke Leftist” with green hair

A viral TikTok video shows a woman using an A.I filter to turn her into a “woke” character. However, the term “woke” is often misused as someone who is ultra liberal as the word is originally referring to Black rights. The filter changes an average person into an ultra “liberal” person with green hair. 

A.I filters are generally “ultra liberal” as the conservatives say. According to Wired.com, Google admits flaws in the Gemini AI model after backlash over perceived “anti-white bias.” Users report systems generating historically inaccurate images, like Vikings portrayed as Black individuals. 

Settlement reached with demoted execs Lois Herrera, Jaye Murray, and Laura Feijoo, each receiving $700,000. Critics suggest systemic racism, while Google defends global representation but acknowledges missed marks in historical contexts. Gemini’s missteps exploited by anti-woke factions online, fueling debate on AI bias and diversity. 

Experts note challenges in balancing representation, urging nuanced approaches. Despite criticism, Google aims to improve depictions and address biases in future updates, highlighting ongoing AI industry challenges.

A.I Filter can now turn you into a “woke leftist” 


Basically, conservative X page, End Wokeness states that there is a filter that is able to do that. It is the stereotypical image of a person who is an ultra liberal on social media, but not all ultra liberals look like that. Furthermore, Elon Musk agrees to the sentiment as he claims that this is accurate. 


Following that, there are jokes among conservatives about what will happen if an ultra liberal uses the filter. Some state that the “end of the universe” will occur if one uses it as they would already look like that. Again, it is a generalization of this specific crowd. 

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