Singapore — Workers’ Party Member of Parliament (Sengkang GRC) Jamus Lim took to social media to urge the public to refrain from spreading false news that a 16-year-old who recently passed away was linked to the Covid-19 vaccination.

“It has come to my attention that an obituary notice for a 16-year-old Anchorvale student, who recently passed, is being linked to Covid-19 vaccination,” wrote Assoc Prof Lim on Facebook on Friday (Jul 16).

He reiterated in his post that the Ministry of Health (MOH) had already issued a clarification on the matter, noting that the teen’s death was not vaccine-related.

“While tragic, the individual passed for non-vaccination related reasons,” said Assoc Prof Lim, adding that he had spoken to the student’s mother earlier this week.

“The event is already traumatic and painful, and I would plead with anyone who has received this false message to refrain from sharing it, both as a gesture of respect for the privacy of the family, and as a mark of honor to the boy.”

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Assoc Prof Lim noted that the teen was an “accomplished individual” and should be remembered for his “filial piety, sporting prowess and academic successes.”

MOH also took to Facebook on Wednesday (Jul 14), announcing it was aware of the speculation circulating in Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp chat groups.

The message featured an obituary linking the teen’s death to a Covid-19 vaccine-related severe adverse event.

MOH clarified that the event was not vaccine-related nor related to the incident involving a 16-year-old who had a cardiac arrest after exercising following his Covid-19 vaccination taken six days earlier.

“This boy is recovering in the hospital, and our best wishes are with him and his family,” said MOH.

The cause of the cardiac arrest is currently being investigated, with the Covid-19 vaccine being a possible factor for the incident, said director of medical services Kenneth Mak on Jul 7.

Regarding the case of the other teen, MOH advised the public “not to spread unsubstantiated information which may add to the family’s grief or cause public alarm unnecessarily.”

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16-year-old boy collapses from cardiac arrest; did weightlifting after Pfizer vaccine jab

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