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SINGAPORE: A recent YouGov Surveys study has unveiled insights into the airline loyalty landscape in Singapore, revealing that 3 in 10 Singaporeans say their airline loyalty program membership has no influence on flight booking.

The study, conducted online in November 2023, involved 1,026 adults aged 18 and above. It disclosed that airline loyalty programs have captured the attention of 61% of Singaporean consumers. Notably, Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer rewards programme takes the lead with 48% of respondents claiming current membership, overshadowing competitors such as Emirates Skywards (8%) and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles (6%).

Most popular airline loyalty programs among SG travelers 2023
Photo: YouGov

Among the myriad of benefits that come with airline loyalty, more than half (55%) of respondents cherish the ability to redeem miles for discounted or free flights. Seat upgrades (38%) and airport lounge access (27%) follow closely as the second and third most appreciated perks, respectively.

Gender nuances surfaced in preferences, with women showing a stronger inclination (60%) towards redeeming miles for discounted or free flights, while men leaned towards valuing airport lounge access (32%).

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Examining the generational divide, Millennials (62%) emerge as the age group most enthusiastic about discounts and redemptions on flight tickets, while Gen Z members prize additional luggage allowance (23%) more than their counterparts.

Top airline loyalty member perks that entice SG travellers
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When it comes to decision-making in international flight bookings, nearly half (47%) of respondents kick off their search by exploring options within airlines where they hold loyalty memberships. A substantial 14% limit their choices exclusively to flights offered by these affiliated airlines.

How SG loyalty members search for flights.
Photo: YouGov

Contrastingly, 21% prefer to commence their search based on travel schedule compatibility, subsequently utilizing their loyalty membership to make a final decision. Surprisingly, almost a third (29%) assert that their loyalty memberships have no bearing on their international flight choices.

Men, compared to women, exhibit a higher inclination (51% vs. 41%) to prioritize loyalty memberships from the outset of their flight search. Additionally, Gen Z individuals are more likely (52%) to begin their search with loyalty memberships, whereas Baby Boomers (41%) demonstrate a lower likelihood to do so.

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In addition, 35% of Baby Boomers contend that their loyalty memberships wield no influence on the international flight tickets they ultimately choose.

As the travel landscape continues to evolve in Singapore, airlines may need to adapt their loyalty programs to cater to the diverse preferences of their customer base./TISG