SINGAPORE: A recent study from global market research firm Ipsos shows that not too many Singaporeans are happy with the company they work for, and nearly one-third say they’ll leave in under two years.

The biggest reason cited among those who say they’re leaving their employer in the next two years is the salary (65 per cent). Another important reason they cited is flexible working opportunities (40 per cent).

However, those who say they want to leave in under one year cited feeling unrecognised and a lack of career progression as two main reasons. Moreover, among middle and senior managers, career progression is the key factor in wanting to leave.

Additionally, only 17 per cent of the workers said that they experience long working hours, while the norm is 21 per cent around the globe.

Only one out of 10 Singaporean workers say they experience ‘drags’ on workplace engagement, such as favouritism, bias and narrow-minded behaviours.

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Almost three in five (68 per cent) of the study’s participants said their boss welcomes open and honest feedback, five points higher than the global norm. Ipsos deems this as “a key driver of engagement.”

On the plus side, workplace culture isn’t faring so badly, with 68 per cent of the study’s participants saying that they’re experiencing positive behaviours around them at work. Ipsos calls this “one of the most important drivers of engagement, especially the experience of supportive, trustworthy, and friendly behaviour.”

Ipsos Study

Ipsos’ study revealed that only three of five Singaporean employees say they’re proud of working for their employer and would recommend the company to others. There’s a 14 to 19-point difference between this and what workers in other countries say.

The study was carried out in December 2023 and involved a representative sample of 1,000 Singapore employees. It focuses on workplace culture, behaviours and talent attrition across Singapore.

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It shows that the older Singaporeans who participated in the study show significantly less pride in their workplace, being almost 20 points lower for workers aged 55 to 65 compared to those from 18 to 24 years old.

Also, while 65 per cent of the male participants said they are proud of their workplace, only 59 per cent of females said they feel the same.

“This study highlights the need by Singapore employers to tackle young or new starter attrition and the associated costs. There is also a need to deepen the experience of an open, trusting and listening culture.

All of which are factors critical to driving workforce engagement and performance,” said Ghassan Karian, CEO of Ipsos Karian and Box, Ipsos’s specialist in employee culture and engagement.

The proportion of Singaporean workers who plan on leaving their current jobs, 29 per cent, is also nine points higher than in the test of the world. For this, many of the younger workers, those aged 18 to 24, who expressed this sentiment. “A staggering 47 per cent,” says Ipsos. /TISG

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