Worker who was forced to sit on the train floor, fake?


A tweeter, Tharsh, shared the picture of a worker who was forced to sit on the floor of a train when another passenger shouted at him for occupying a seat which was empty. The tweeter’s picture shows that there were several empty seats in the train.
th8rshThe tweeter further went on to say that she felt bad because the worker who was forced to sit on the floor looked very tired, and that “nobody has the right to deprive someone of a seat. He is paying the same fare”.

When tweeters asked her if she tried to intervene by asking asking the tired worker to ignore the man who was shouting and to go ahead and occupy a proper seat, Tharsh replies seem to indicate that she was intimidated by the fierce passenger.

“…no, the Chinese guy was like in his own world. All I could do was wait for him to leave and then talk to the worker.”

Tharsh did ask the worker to take a proper seat once the other passenger alighted from the train, but that the worker told him that “it’s okay” and continued sitting on the floor of the train throughout his journey.

Some have expressed that they believe the man on the floor is actually a foreign worker.

Other tweeters expressed dismay that Tharsh did not better stand up for the worker.
th8rsh1Some Reddit users commenting on the topic have doubted Tharsha’s version of events.
th8rsh2Tharsh’s post on Twitter is now not viewable, but a cached copy of her tweet is HERE. Tharsh has been a tweeter since 2013.