Work permit holder charged for murder after foreign woman is found dead in Geylang hotel room

A 29-year-old man has been charged for murder after a 34-year-old Indonesian woman was found dead in a room at Geylang’s Golden Dragon Hotel, last Sunday evening.

The Chinese daily reported that the woman is a domestic helper while the suspect – who is known to the helper – is a work permit holder from Bangladesh.

According to an unnamed employee who spoke to the daily, the suspect and the victim checked into the hotel at 5pm that day. The man paid $40 to book the room for three hours and returned later and paid an additional $30 to book the room for another two hours.

Five hours later, hotel staff went to the room to check if the guests are still there and knocked on the door. When nobody answered, the staff used the master key to unlock the room and found a person laying on the bed, fully covered from head to toe with a blanket.

The staff uncovered to find the woman laying on the bed, unresponsive. The hotel employees immediately called the police, around 10.45pm.

The police revealed that the woman was found lying motionless in the room and pronounced dead by paramedics shortly after. The woman reportedly had marks and bruises on both her arms.

The suspect was charged in court for murder yesterday. Investigations are ongoing.