Woman bullying elderly in wheel chair video goes viral


Jangan la layan mak korang macam ni. Kesian orang tua tu jaga kamu dari kecik dulu

Posted by PerakWorld on Monday, 15 August 2016

A video posted on the PerakWorld Facebook page shows a woman tapping on the head of an elderly person in a wheelchair.

The elderly person is hit a few times and is pulled behind as if to behave properly or not to speak by a woman in tudung.

The video is from Malaysia and the scene takes place in a public hospital. Nurses can be seen in their regular Malaysian hospital uniforms at their desk, while the person captures the bullying incident.

The page admin wrote: Do not treat your mom like that. Pity the old lady who must have taken good care of you when you were small.

The video was viewed 2.9 million times, 2800 sad faces and 6350 angry faces.

Most of the comments were about handling the elderly during their most difficult times, when they are sick or when they have a lack of patience in the old age.

Most of the people expressed pity, while some expressed anger at the treatment of the elderly person at the hospital by a family member.


  1. I don’t feel for the elderly. I feel sad for the person who took this video. This is the reality in today IT world. Dare to take video and post in internet but doing nothing to stop the abused. Don’t even dare to confront or tell off the abuser. I just by watching cannot even imagine this kind of person still exists and wish it happens in front of me. Can assured and guarantee that I will hit back at her and make her feel how she abused the old lady. I do empathy it’s not easy to look after elderly but no matter how frustrated,tired or irritating to care for the elderly,PLEASE PLEASE do not abuse or raise our voice to them.