Video of young man threatening to hit fellow passenger in SBS bus goes viral


A video of a young man threatening to hit an older fellow passenger in an SBS Transit bus has been circulating online.

It is unclear what led to the altercation or when exactly the incident occurred. In the video, the younger man can be heard using profane language against the older passenger before telling him to learn some English.

The older man takes a step toward the younger man, at which point the younger passenger throws up his fists and threatens to hit the other man. The younger passenger grows even more aggressive at this juncture and yells vulgar words in Hokkien at his opponent, all the while kicking at a Morries fan set box.

The older man, who initially kicked at the younger one’s leg as he kicked back, appears to be unwilling to fight and looks to the bus captain, gesturing for assistance.

The bus captain stops the bus when the altercation grows more rowdy and can be seen on camera stepping in and guiding the younger man away.

At one point, the younger man gets aggravated to the point where the bus captain has to physically restrain him from punching the other man, while other passengers are caught on camera looking on in alarm:

Man want to fight on bus

Young man wanna fight uncle on bus#singapore #whathappen #whysukasukafight

Posted by Fabrications About Singapore on Monday, 29 January 2018

The video was uploaded on Facebook yesterday and has attracted over 600,000 views, over 10,000 shares and over 3,000 likes in just about 19 hours.


  1. and tattooed people like to complain being discriminated at MRT by transcom. They deserve it look at their behaviour only know how to pick on weaker people.

    • What about the tattooed people that serve the nation in uniform while you sleep safe at home at night-or those that put their lives on the line to save your ass when you call-bloody arsewipe comment from a friggin entitled strawberry

    • The situation is unclear. Seems to start from a battle of words between the young man and the other who is a Chinese PRC. With some many foreigners swarming our little island, it is unavoidable that a local will harbour bad feelings towards the foreigners and as with any quarrel, unkind words will be sprouted.

  2. Holly cow what a young aggressive jerk kicking others property & flexing muscles & fist. Throw that tatoo infested young fart into Changi Resort & dare him to flex his muscle & fist, maybe a few strokes on his buttocks to tame him will be best teach this SOB a good well behave instead of being a useless to society idiot!

  3. Correct me if I am wrong but the other guy is he FT? Is that why the tattooed guy asked him to learn English? Just wondering, if not for the bus captain I think he would have gone all the way

    • Brendan de Souza I know what u mean having have my fair share of frustration but I’m determined not to let rubbish behaviour ruin my day. Plus I also met hardworking nice foreigners here, so can’t tar them all with the same brush. Some Singaporeans have worse attitude I tell u… have to shake my head in grief

    • Meh what can SPF do? Not even a case to file because no blows exchange. Also even if there was any exchange, its civil court not criminal. There will always be such case bah. Lucky bus captain come in and stop. I see others all quiet2 like sheep.

  4. Stressed. Put a hundred small fishes into a 2 ft aquarium. Another same amount of small fishes into a 4 ft aquarium. You will see the difference. It’s something call stressful life.

  5. If the other party is taller and bigger size than the hooligan, will he still dare to pick up a fight? This kind of hooligan will only bully people weaker than him. Wait till he gets to that age, it will be his turn to be bullied.

  6. He will get a taste of being bullied and be tamed by the Lord Of Changi Resort once SPF settle this jerk in there & will come put as a rat.

  7. They said every decal on a car will boost its horse power by 1 , I don’t know tattoo can do the same for nutcase too ?….
    Now you know why tattoo individual are always the one target when police conduct spot check ?…..
    This is why …

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