Valentine’s Day Came One Day Early for the Traffic Light Men in Taiwan



On Tuesday, February 13, the little men on the traffic lights in Taiwan received an early Valentine’s Day gift. When red, or stop, the lights show a man on one knee in proposal to a woman, with a red heart between the couple. When green, or go, the couple is shown holding hands while walking.

This new development was officially launched in a ceremony on Tuesday, in southern Pingtung County, when the first of 45 pedestrian crossing signs was revealed, according to Taiwan News’ website. Later on, these signs will be adopted throughout the country.

The Pingtung County Police had the signs made in order to make them more attractive, and Cheng Da-wei, who designed the signs, says that they make crossing the street exciting.

Pen Ma-an, Mayor of Pingtung, says this design underline that “Pingtung is a county filled with love.”

Netizens are understandably delighted at the traffic innovation.