Two found dead at Tampines – third case involving couples within a month

Picture credit: Muhammad Irsyad Mohd Zawai

The Chinese Daily yesterday reported the death of two persons at Block 520A, Tampines Centrale 8. The man who died, Chng Hong Nam (49) fell from the block while the woman Tan Bi Leng Serinn (46) was found in a 10th floor unit. The man was holding the woman’s identity card when he was found, which led police to find her body.

A police spokesman said they received a call at 11pm on Monday, 29 May, and that the Singapore Civil Defence Force got a call for an ambulance at the same time. SCDF got another call at 12.20am. The duo were pronounced dead by paramedics on the scene.

The newspaper reported that the woman was lying in a pool of blood when the police found her body. She was stabbed by two knives in her chest and abdomen. The couple are believed to be emotionally entangled but not married.

The man’s wife who spoke to the Daily said that her husband was “a good man” and that they had a loving relationship. He is said to have gone to work as usual on the day of the incident. She said that he would normally be home by six or seven in the evening, but not on the day of the incident. He did not pick up her call when she called him after dinner. She said that maybe this would not have happened if he had picked up her call.

She said that she does not believe her husband was capable of extra-marital affairs, but that if her husband was involved in one then both her husband and the woman were in the wrong. She however said that she was willing to accept her husband even if he made the mistake. She hopes that the investigation will reveal the truth.

The police are investigating the incident. This is the third case involving couples within a month. On 18 May 2017, a 58 year old man killed a 31 year old Vietnamese woman at Marsiling Block 17 and then committed suicide.On 30 April 2017, a 31 year old Vietnamese woman jumped from Silverscape apartment at Lorong 32 Geylang. Her 43 years old husband also jumped on that afternoon.