Twin wedding crashers and shoplifters plead guilty to theft

Photo: YouTube screengrab

30-year-old twin sisters Tiffany Kang Pei Yi and Tiziana Kang Pei Ying, who last year pretended to be guests at a wedding and attempted to steal a piece of luggage from the newlyweds right after going on a shoplifting spree, have pleaded guilty to theft and will receive sentencing from the on July 5. 

The sisters apparently had quite a day out on November 19, 2017, starting from a shoplifting session and ending with impersonating wedding guests in order to steal from the bride and groom. They would have gotten away with their misdeeds if not for the bride’s friends, who prevented them from escaping in a taxi.

On that day, the twin sisters stole one wallet and three purses from a Guess store in Bugis Junction, and then hit the TEMT and Lavina stores the Bugs+ mall to take some more items. The total value of the shoplifted items from Guess was $642.

Later on they went to a wedding banquet at Shin Yeh Restaurant in Liang Court. After the meal, when the Kang sisters lined up to greet the newlyweds, Tiffany Kang Pei Yi passed by a groomsman and told him that the bride asked her to take care of a pink suitcase that was hidden under the table where the groomsman sat. He obliged and gave her the suitcase, thinking that only an intimate friend would know where the suitcase was.

He later told the couple about it, which was when they all realized that a stranger had tried to steal one of their suitcases, which contained different items.

Later that night, friends of the bride stopped the twins as they tried to ride a taxi to leave Liang Court. Tiffany insisted that the suitcase was hers. The groom called in the police for assistance. 

The Kang sisters appeared before the State Courts in Tuesday, June 26. Tiffany Kang Pei Yi pleased guilty to one count of theft and one count of cheating and Tiziana Kang Pei Ying pleaded guilty to one count of theft. There are two other counts of theft being considered for each woman.

The women could face up to a 10-year jail term and a fine for cheating, and a seven-year jail term for theft.