Tickets disposed by parking warden had print quality issues: Certis CISCO


Certis CISCO has identified the man who was caught on camera disposing parking fines from several vehicles into a dumpster as one of their employees. The security organisation revealed that the parking warden was simply disposing of defective parking tickets.

A video catching the man in the act was posted online on Facebook group, Singapore Taxi Driver, by netizen Ivy Long last week. After the warden nonchalantly walks away from the scene, the person videotaping him approaches the dumpster and discovers multiple parking fine slips crumpled up within the bin.

Certis CISCO has since said:

“We have investigated the incident involving our Enforcement Officer who was observed by a member of public to have thrown summons into a rubbish bin along Veerasamy Road on 23 Nov at 11.30am.  
“According to our findings, our Enforcement Officer had discarded the Notices of Parking Offences (NOPO) that had print quality problems that rendered them ineffective. 
“They carry only vehicle numbers and no other personal details. 
“Following our investigations, our officer has since been counselled and reminded to adhere to Standard Operating Procedure to discard all NOPOs by shredding them in the office.”

Man caught disposing parking fines from multiple vehicles into dumpster


  1. An organisation charged with enforcing the law is lying! Only IBs will believe that such documents which must be prenumbered can be discarded in this manner. I can’t believe that those who have possession of such documents were not instructed about this but were ‘counselled’ only after such an event. Cisco are big big time liars!

  2. Correct. The numbers run in sequence and every ticket that has errors should be kept and reported. Only the senior officers can cancel them. Cannot just throw into the litter like that.

  3. Cisco is one of the worst security company in SG.. Used Govt fund to create then privatise it and rename it Certis Cisco.. They have security companies in China, India etc over 3000 officers

  4. What happened to all the earlier cases booked by this parking warden (and possibly many others) who disposed tickets and dashing any hopes of appealing against the ticket?

  5. The ticket is very clear w/out any ambiguity. The actions of the warden is very serious and should be dealt with penalties. Most probably, thru his actions he is a malaysian. Then the supervisor handling the case is also a malaysian. Therefore in their eyes nothing much ado.

    The senior officer cannot let go this matter and should press for an inquiry and sack the warden.

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