Tan Cheng Bock called “selfish” and “self-serving” by Deputy AG as High Court rejects his appeal against reserved PE


The High Court rejected Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s application contesting the legitimacy of the upcoming Presidential Election which has been reserved for Malay candidates today.

Besides having his appeal dismissed, Dr Tan was also attacked for having “selfish” and “self-serving” motives by Deputy Attorney General Hri Kumar Nair – a former Member of Parliament from the PAP.

Judge: “No difference whether President is elected by electorate or Parliament.”

Dr Tan, who lost by 0.35% of votes to current President Tony Tan in the 2011 Presidential Elections, filed an application in May challenging the Government’s new rules dictating that the Presidential Election to be held this year will be a reserved one since there has not been a President from the Malay community for five consecutive terms.

In his application, Dr Tan questioned the Government’s inclusion of President Wee Kim Wee as Singapore’s first elected President when he was an appointed President. The Elected Presidency scheme was only instated in the middle of President Wee’s second term.

Dr Tan argued that if the Government counts from President Ong Teng Cheong, Singapore’s first rightfully elected President, this year’s PE would not need to be reserved in accordance to the new rules.

Justice Quentin Loh released a 68-page judgement today ruling that, “Ultimately, since (the Constitution) does not fetter Parliament’s power … Parliament’s choice of (the first elected President) is a policy decision which falls outside the remit of the courts.”

He added:

“In my judgement, the recent constitutional amendments reflect a re-emphasis on the President’s unifying role and the conviction that, in order for the President to fulfil that role, that office must reflect the multi-racial character of our country.
“From the perspective of ensuring multi-racial representation in the Presidency in view of the President’s symbolic role, it makes no difference whether the President was elected by the electorate or by Parliament. In either case, the President’s capacity to symbolise Singapore is undercut if the occupants of the office do not reflect our multi-racial composition.”

His judgement agrees with the recommendation from the Attorney General’s Chambers that Parliament’s decision must be carried through since the reserved election framework is built upon the responsibility to safeguard multicultural representation.

In his submissions to the High Court, DAG Nair accused Dr Tan of trying to “undermine” multiracial presidency and that he is “running a case that is entirely self-serving.” He added:

“(Dr Tan) is advancing a strained interpretation of the Constitution so that he can apply to stand as a candidate in the coming (PE).
“His motives are purely selfish and he has shown no regard for the principle of multiracial representation which Parliament intended to safeguard.” 

He claimed that Dr Tan’s bid “undermines the longstanding imperative for multiracial representation in the office of the President, which the reserved election framework seeks to safeguard”.

Dr Tan has less than a week, until next Wednesday, to file an appeal to the courts.

The High Court’s Judgement here: http://bit.ly/2tBBtYf

Dr Tan has responded to the accusations of the DAG.

The Deputy AG hit me below the belt, Tan Cheng Bock


  1. Selfish? TCB is just presenting his intepretation. He did not go to court to say ‘die-die’ must let him win the case. I think DAG is selfish cos he is undermining the meaning of democracy.

    • Simon Loke , i agree with u. This DAG yaya papaya, making so much noise, try to score point. He shld just shut up. As a law professional, he shld encourage ppl to stand up for what they believe in.

    • The DAG is no other than Hri, who if you remember organized a talk on CPF issue for all sporean in toa payoh west community center and then when Roy sign up he immediately prata and said it is for toa payoh residents only. Said got to take care of sick wife so resigned as mp of toa payoh the suddenly become DAG. This kind of person appointed as DAG to administer the law in sporean? Fixed ah. Mp job also cannot do properly you think he can do DAG job unless he is planted there just to fight TCB case.

  2. DAG scolding himself than TCB because we all know how to count who is from the real election results to be president despite the fact he is trying to prevent the people’s choice from getting into a racist backwards presidential election campaign to please his master LHL and service his party!

  3. Dr. Tan , the outcome is not surprising to everyone. Why not joining a political party n serve Singaporeans as a MP , I think it is better to be an MP then as President .As there no PRESIDENT COUNCIL to tide U down.MP U can bring up more questions in parliament.It is blessing to have U back as opposition MP.

  4. Don’t waste money to appeal lah… Yes please set up opposition party I believe you will win. The people need you to speak to government in Parliament

    • PAP is still the preferred party to rule the country in every election with mojority votes and the percentage to their favour remains high. Speaking in parliament? You will be heard? How do you rate this with the current oppositions in parliament?

  5. DAG you are really shameless!!! Your arguments stinks!!! Multiracialism is Colour and race blind. The country’s President must the best qualified person freely elected by its citizens not predetermined by the ruling party. If that is the case why bother to go through the electoral process. Just appoint a person from each racial group by rotation. Saves a lost of angst and costs.

    • DAG wet behind the ears? Where was DSG when Dr Tan was serving as MP? DAG shd do his homework before he makes any undesirable or defamatory comments!!!!

  6. The concept of the multi racial presidency is an artificial construct, one that shouldn’t exist. The role of a President is not govern by what race he/she hails from but by the choice of the people voting for he/she. The DAG is attempting to perpetuate that construct by denigrating and debasing any dissenters.

    • Wonder when can Singapore clean the house of Pinky n gang…..their game of card are to cover ka liao with all faces of the card “ka kee lang”!!!
      Dr TCB should you really want to see a change in Singapore for a more equitable and fair nation , resurrect the left wing pap party of old ………Majullah Sungapura!!!

  7. This country is gone… just wait for the current Crop to die… slowly let the Lee dynasty fade off… else Singapore is gone case with all the rules set by them. Ownself check ownself? I think is Ownself rules ownself play. KNNBCCB

  8. Simple question to wat Kumar or Lee Hsien Wong which democratic country has a election based on race only simply ridiculous laughing stock to the world

  9. Which is more important for the role, that the office holder is elected on merit, or is multi-racial representation the overriding consideration? Also note the irony in using the word multi-racial when the Presidency is in fact reserved for only one single race. Are we going backwards and taking the cue from our neighbours now?

  10. ??? Multi racial means being fair to all. How is he selfish by being ready to serve the public for the interest of the people. I would rather have such selfish president than selfless president paid to serve the system, and more important, mindless candidates

  11. Let’s stop this farce of having an “independent” elected president. If the PAP wants a docile compliant president, just appoint the person and save us money! The people including the Malay minority DOES NOT agree with the DAG. Let them carry out an independent survey run by reputable Independent polling outfits and see if this is true.

  12. Hri Kumar, still has a sick Wife And resigned to take care of SICK Wife in 2015? ?

    Has he spent too much time on his WIFE sickness that his heart and mind go “crazy”??

    He is non longer in PAP member (by right ) and should
    Not think PAP will help him
    In case he said something uncalled for…..

  13. Singapore now you know what nepotism is. It is very clear is exist. Now as a protest I shall BOYCOTT THE PRESIDENT ELECTION. It is just an exercise to officiate just another PUPPET PRESIDENT.

  14. Recently, the P.A.P. smear test returned with dismay results, all the henchmen kalam kabut to piece Humpty Dumpty back together again, to distract from Oxley Allegations as much as possible… it was first “small thinking” attack on Kishore (unusual that a minister and a DPM has to be involved in a brawl two against one), then now a DAG pitching against TCB with racist allegations, what else next?

  15. Anything that’s a threat to PAP power is confirmed, guaranteed, chopped lose one, no need to think. All those people are paid by PM, you think they will go against him? Form an opposition party in next GE, I believe many will vote for you.

  16. Why must the response be always framed as belittling the petitioner, anti-Singapore or anti-establishment. While LKY has built the institutions, those managing the institutions still has “I know best attitude” with a streak of anti-democracy. Sad.

  17. I’ve bumped into Dr Tan before.
    He was one of the nicest and humble person I’ve ever met.
    Unless you’re referring to another Tan Cheng Bok, I have absolutely no idea what Hri Kumar is talking about.

  18. When TCB contest as a PAP candidate, he get voted in a SMC (single member constituency), which means he was popularly voted into parliament. Hri Kumar on the other hand, was only capable of being a backdoor MP hiding behind a GRC. Singaporeans are simply-minded, but we are not that stupid to know who is more credible and who’s just a barking slave dog!

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