Singapore public transport system ranked in the top 10 of the transport systems of 100 cities around the world


Singapore has been ranked eighth in a 2017 index of the urban transport systems of 100 cities around the world.

The list, the 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index by design, engineering, and management consultancy group Arcadis, considered indicators such as safety, ridership, congestion, delays, affordability and more to rank the best transport systems.

Singapore is the third Asian city in the top 10, having bagged 8th place. Hong Kong earned the top spot overall while Seoul came in 4th in the index, thus having the second best transport system among all Asian cities.

Zurich and Paris took 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The study found that European nations consistently ranked among the highest in the list, while North American and Australian cities made up the middle of the index since residents of those regions mostly rely on private vehicles for transportation.

Middle Eastern and African cities predominantly took the last spots, due to issues like road congestion.


  1. All these ranking things could be the same as voting.
    Every now and then hear barking and swearing against, but come to voting or ranking, still select blindly for those they have been barking and swearing at !

  2. Singapore rank nothings now days. because we don’t have wise leader with his team of clown good for nothing.

    one small task don’t even do it right like MRT forever delay some more raise fare n tax on citizen . WAFUG SGP HAS.

  3. Certain types of voting, esp. those open type by means of raising the hand to support, is not realistic.
    Many vote for an item or person because they see (some) others are supporting, and so don’t want to be the odd ones out, or don’t want their friends/colleagues to realise what they actually have in their mind.

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