Featured News Singapore-Malaysia HSR zig-zag continues...

Singapore-Malaysia HSR zig-zag continues…




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The twists in the HSR story between Malaysia and Singapore may have a happy ending soon.

That if we rely on the tweets and facebook posts of two Ministers who are addressing the issues related to the controversial High-Speed Rail project between Singapore and Malaysia.

The Malaysian Minister of Economic Affairs in a tweet today hinted that Malaysia and Singapore were inching closer to a win-win HSR deal.

The controversial High-Speed Rail between Malaysia and Singapore, negotiated by the regime of ex-PM Najib Razak with the Singaporean counterparts was put on hold by Malaysian PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

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After winning the elections in May, Dr Mahathir made a dramatic announcement in which he said the decision to scrap KL-Singapore HSR was ‘final’.

The ‘final’ scrapping of the deal shocked the Singaporeans who said they were still paying a high-cost by maintaining their part of the bargain.

This brought the Malaysians to keep the talks open with the Singaporeans but since the ‘final’ scrapping from Dr Mahathir, the HSR project went from final cancellation, to be on-hold or partially scrapped and now the deal seems to be back on the table.

See Azmin’s tweet below:

Further talks with Minister Khaw. We are inching closer to a win-win deal on HSR, thanks to the hardwork of officials from both sides. #MEApic.twitter.com/JubfMPrYNo

— Mohamed Azmin Ali (@AzminAli) 30 août 2018

The Singapore daily Berita Harian today said Malaysia and Singapore would soon make an announcement on the RTS and HSR projects.

They based their assertion on a Facebook post from the Singaporean Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and the Minister for Transport, Khaw Boon Wan.

The minister said, after meeting Azmin, the two countries would be able to announce a joint decision on the RTS and HSR soon.

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