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SDP goes to Twitter to answer queries on minimum wage and ministerial pay cuts

Netizens also urged the SDP to update their benchmark figure “and be more aggressive in preventing wage exploitation”




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Singapore – Opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) took to Twitter to answer more questions from the public as a means of expanding their digital outreach for the upcoming General Elections.

On Saturday (June 27), from 2pm to 5pm, SDP’s Ms Min Cheong, Dr James Gomez and Mr Benjamin Pwee answered tweets from the public including their stance on minimum wage and ministerial pay cuts.

SDP has been calling for a minimum wage scheme in the past, and the topic was once more highlighted. Twitter user Ajax asked what the party’s stance was on Universal Basic Income (UBI) to which they replied, “@yourSDP consistently called for a minimum wage scheme to be implemented in Singapore was. We have proposed a S$7 per hour minimum wage across the board.” The party suggested getting the minimum wage established first before discussing UBI, although the latter was a good idea.

A few noted that S$7 per hour was too low, making it difficult for Singaporeans to survive. Mr Pwee commented that the amount was proposed back in 2015. “If implemented, it would be adjusted by now.” Netizens urged SDP to please update their benchmark “and be more aggressive in preventing wage exploitation.”

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There have been requests from the public for opposition parties to join forces to get the majority vote. Twitter user Aakash Rai retweeted the suggestion and asked if SDP agreed with a coalition being formed among the opposition. According to Mr Pwee, SDP has been in regular ongoing friendly talks with other political parties and hosted an all-party meeting a year ago with Dr Tan Cheng Bock as an observer. “We continue to support any inter-parties talks and discussions, for the benefit of Singapore,” he added.

In a separate question, Twitter user Galarian Ron asked if SDP candidates would donate a part of their allowances to the schemes proposed if they get elected, much like the party’s call for ministerial pay cuts to fund assistance schemes for the poor. All three members responded with, “If elected, our MPs will be happy to donate part of their allowances.”

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