Business & Economy Reader claims angmoh who had dispute with cabbie could be same man...

Reader claims angmoh who had dispute with cabbie could be same man who scammed him




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A reader, Richard Tan, wrote to us suggesting that the angmoh who had a dispute with a taxi-driver that went viral in October could be the same person who allegedly cheated him four years ago. Richard said that he bought and iPad in Jan 2012 from a man called Brenden Humphrey on the Trademe website in New Zealand. Since then Brenden has not provided the iPad or a refund to Richard.

(Read about the taxi driver’s dispute with the angmoh here:

In his blog, Richard said that he is on a mission to get his money back and to make sure that the seller doesn’t scam anyone else out of their money. Richard reported him to Trademe and had his his auction shut down, but he noticed Brenden advertising on eBay in Australia.

“So he is obviously trying to continue scamming people,” Richard said.

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Richard added: “Despite multiple emails and phone calls, he has kept on giving me excuses for delays. He has offered to pay my refund 6 times over the past 2 months, yet none has been forthcoming. I have now decided to begin a crusade to find him and get my money back.”

Richard’s blog is here:

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