Radicalised Singaporean featured in ISIS recruitment video

Singaporean fighter Abu Uqayl appears in ISIS recruitment video. PHOTO: @SMRTSG / FACEBOOK

By Phyllis Lee

The first known case of a Singaporean fighter being featured on a private recruitment video from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has made its rounds online.

Released by ISIS’s media arm, Al Hayat Media Centre, the 3-minute-and-30-second video shows a fighter dressed in camouflage military attire identifying himself as “Abu Uqayl from Singapore”, and propagandising Muslims to join ISIS.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) believes that the fighter is Singaporean Megat Shahdan bin Abdul Samad, 39.

In a statement released yesterday (Sept 24), MHA added that local security agencies have been aware of his presence in Syria, and have been monitoring his activities for some time now.

Shahdan left Singapore in 2014 to work in the Middle East, where he was believed to have been radicalised. He subsequently made his way to Syria to join ISIS, and is believed to still be there with the group.

MHA said that it had previously shared Shahdan’s case confidentially with Singapore’s community leaders.

“Anyone who is in contact with him or knows of anyone in touch with him should report it to the authorities,” the ministry urged.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Minister for Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam said that “over time, we must assume more of this will happen.”

“We have to think of ways of dealing with radicalisation of Singaporeans, that could take place outside Singapore, particularly in countries where the possibilities of radicalisation are higher,” he stated.


  1. Why does the Middle East hate us? All we want to do is invade their country,drone strike their homes,steal their resources, install a central bank and call them terrorists if they resist.

  2. Islamic teaching is entrancing right in you cant chang their perpertives??Right or wrong they still want to go and fright for nothing!!Should cancelled his whole families citizenship or lock up for life.

  3. I think our Parliament should review laws pertaining to terrorism. Regardless of any form of terrorism, once enough evidence is gathered, death penalty. These are people who have no qualms killing others in the name of their beliefs

  4. Just another false flag like Mas Selamat. Singaporean are used to a staple diet of BS from the MSM. The big liar Lawless minister talking about moral issues? Why not go around chasing Chinese girls. More “sensational” news will come by just to distract the current mismanagement of the gov. Why not talk about billions of dollars lost due to poor gov investment.

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