President Tony Tan roasted for calling Schooling’s Olympic win “highlight of my presidency”


The Straits Times has been doing a few articles chronicling the presidency of Dr Tony Tan. One of their videos on this series was captioned, “Witnessing Singapore’s first Olympic gold win was one of the highlights of my presidency,” in which President Tony Tan reflected on his six years at the Istana. Some netizens comments on the Facebook post of the video were nothing short of hilarious.

"Witnessing Singapore's first Olympic gold win was one of the highlights of my presidency," President Tony Tan reflects on his six years at the Istana.

Posted by The Straits Times on Saturday, 26 August 2017

The following are the comments with the most number of likes in that post.

Kent Ong: “Apart from watching it to happen, what have you done to make it happen?”

Antony Lee: “Thousands and thousands were watching the event too, but not watching it “live” as you did. If that was ever one of your highlights in your capacity as a president, your failed terribly as one. One would expect you to do much more, as one would have “voted” for you not for traveling and watching sporting events, but to check and oppose governmental issues, and make significant contributions to the people of this country. Am I alone?”

Iain Wong: “Shouldn’t it be” Winning Singapore’s first Olympic gold win was one of the highlights of my life”? And that should be said by someone else. If your highlight is based on someone else’s achievement, something is wrong.”

Gakki Kutsu: “The best dream retirement job in the universe. Paid more than US president and do almost nothing at all….and yet talking about achievement.(others)”

Bob Koh: “To me, Schooling’s own family did everything themselves, money, time, effort. It is embarrassing for ‘them’ to even mention the Olympics gold medal because all ‘they’ are doing is trying to claim credit. Just leave quietly.”

Xlent Low: “Dear President, Witnessing something which you have no part in contributing to should not be a highlight of your presidency. Highlight should be something which you have contributed to, especially towards our nation, our people. If witnessing our first Olympic gold is your highlight, then in my honest opinion that incompetency is the only word to describe.”


  1. Old man got nothing to say …talk cok…getting million dollars salary….no shame at all….while many Sg ppls are struggling working for 3 decent meal a day

  2. Preston Yap Caicai YéYe In the last 6 years, what were your highlights of those years?
    My highlights were I watch the national day parades, I saw schooling winning the gold medal in SEA games and I have eaten the famous Singapore chicken rice.

  3. Indeed he needs to be. Xient Low was right in his/her observation.
    He did nothing except to go on tours (state visits). That is work? I will do it for free!

  4. Yes something is definitely wrong with the POS when he can’t list a single thing he did as POS during his tenure as his MOST memorable or THE highlight but chose an outside POS event that neither himself or the government foot the 1.2m training bill of an athletic as the one. Singapore has no claim of Schooling’s success although the latter can most certainly represent Singapore in his mind and spirit which he did.

    We have seen the two faces of Singapore government lack of support or recognition of athletics great and small. Claim it all if it is a success but fuck it off if he or she doesn’t win or is from a sporting field of lesser fame or recognition even if winning a medal.

  5. Hightlight of my presidency is when schooling let me wear his gold medal and i get to post for photo besides him. His victory enhanced my standing as presiden of singapore. Oh dear, i am so proud of myself!

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  7. 当顺官太久也会变白痴的。不过,新加坡人也实在太苛求了,人家乖乖做满任期,不惹事,不生非,不多说,不多做,就是最大贡献啦。

  8. He is just being honest. Which just tells us he has nothing better else to do.
    For one who is overly paid, we expect him to mind more on the affairs of the state and his Govt.
    Such as giving his take on the charade of the Elected presidency or taking the Govt to tasks over the spending called out by the Auditor General , or set up commission to investigate the alleged abuse of power by his PM.
    etc etc etc,
    No he hasn’t done anything to make his presidency any special , unlike Ong Teng Cheong ‘s

  9. Out of 2,190 days as PAPsident, KFC cited just 1 day watching the Olympics (live) as his highlight!!! KFC, please do us a favour. Just leave quietly and dont ever tell foreigners you were our president

  10. What the fuck our President is talking about? A shameful president who does nothing for the people except collecting his fat check every month. The only elected president that I have full respect is OTC. Any president besides him dared to check on the reserves?

  11. A pathetic man when elected 1st cny tan Cheng bock not invited to istana every year all pap veterans are invited…… Pathetic. President shears. Good name of operation name after him..OTC…WKW…Devan Nair yusolf usual all respected but not the other 2

  12. What president challenge charity if president.PM.ministers come forward donate 1/8 of their pay enough to benefit the needy….See president Obama donated half his salary for charity…It’s applause great leader with citizen at heart

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