Police arrest 18-year-old boy masquerading as woman in online sex scams


The Singapore Police Force have arrested an 18-year-old for his suspected involvement in a series of online sex scams which the boy is believed to have initiated under the guise of a woman.

The SPF revealed in a news release last Sunday, 28 Jan, that the teenager is believed to have lured unsuspecting victims by masquerading as a woman online and offering sexual services in exchange for credit.

One of the victims of the teenager made a police report in November last year and alleged that the teenager instructed him to make an advance payment into a bank account for sexual services. The victim made the bank transfer as requested but found that the teenager became unreachable after payment had been made.

The police arrested the suspect along Kampong Java Road last Friday and added that the teenager is believed to be involved in multiple such cheating cases where he pretended to be a woman online.

Investigations are ongoing. The suspect could be jailed for a maximum of ten years and fined, if found guilty of cheating.