Passersby applaud Singaporean cyclist who told off foreigner who made snide remark


Facebook user Prabu Ramachandran shared about an altercation he had with a foreigner in the Raffles Place area. It happened after the foreigner made a snide remark when he saw Prabu riding on the footpath. The user said that he is aware of the code of conduct for safe sharing of paths.

Being agitated by the snide remark, Prabu shouted at the foreigner who he described as Ang Mo and said, “don’t come to Singapore and tell a Singaporean what can or cannot be done!”

Prabu said that he was taken aback and amazed at the same time when a group of people applauding him when he said that to the foreigner. He assumed those that clapped, cheering his outburst, were all Singaporeans.

Reflecting on the incident, Prabu said: “It is clear and apparent that there is unhappiness and bitter feelings Singaporeans have over foreigners coming here and talking down on us. Moreover Singapore laws favours foreigners over our very own citizen, sons and daughters.”

Had a altercation with a foreign trash Ang Mo today at Raffles Place, he made a snide arrogant remark, that I am not…

Posted by Prabu Ramachandran on Friday, 31 March 2017