Home News PAP's Sim Ann discusses supporting job-seekers in Facebook video

PAP’s Sim Ann discusses supporting job-seekers in Facebook video

GRC team ready for the challenge of implementing such schemes at a constituency level




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Singapore — With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the economy for the foreseeable future, the People’s Action Party’s Sim Ann took to Facebook on Tuesday (July 7) to share a video on how she planned to assist job-seekers in her constituency.


She began by emphasising how a good team of elected representatives could complement national schemes at the local level. According to Ms Sim, implementing such schemes at a constituency level is a challenge but one that her fellow candidates and she were up for.

She went on to mention how they had preemptively started a programme to assist job- seekers with the transition from one job to another. Employing their vast network of employers and HR practitioners, they ran workshops and networking sessions to assist job-seekers with finding job opportunities.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic displacing people everywhere, Ms Sim and her team were quick to address calls for help through E-MPS (Meet-The-People Sessions) as well as raising donations to help the needy.

She drilled in the importance of raising a community pool of resources to help Singaporeans who failed to qualify for national schemes but nonetheless deserved assistance.

In the second half of the year, she intends to focus on supporting the national agenda on jobs and skills through leveraging on their experience in supporting PMETs to support younger job-seekers. Apart from this, she plans to employ local channels of communication to ensure the effective spread of recruitment information as well as organise virtual job fairs, networking and mentorship workshops.

She ended by urging the people in Bukit Timah to do their part and assist where they can.

The online community was supportive of Ms Sim, praising her for her quick thinking and rational plans.

Photo: FB Screenshot, Sim Ann

Photo: FB Screenshot, Sim Ann

Ms Sim Ann is in the PAP team contesting in Holland–Bukit Timah Group Representation Constituency, alongside Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Mr Christopher De Souza and Mr Edward Chia.

The SDP team contesting there comprises Mr Tan Jee Say, Mr Alfred Tan, Dr James Gomez and Ms Min Cheong. /TISG

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