“PAP cannot be trusted to keep election promises on not raising taxes” – SDP


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong confirmation yesterday that higher taxes are inevitable has drawn the ire of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), which has called out the ruling party for denying that taxes would be hiked during the elections, only to raise taxes after the elections were won.

When claims that the government would raise taxes erupted in 2015, a month before that year’s General Election, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) was quick to refute the claims, saying that they had no basis.

Posting a statement on the matter online, MOF had reiterated Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s earlier assertion that increased spending planned for the rest of the decade is sufficiently provided for by measures that the Government had already taken.

The SDP said that the DPM should be “up front with the people and stop denying that our warnings of the government raising taxes have no basis,” in an online statement today.

We re-publish the opposition party’s full statement here:

During the general elections in 2015, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam denied the SDP’s warnings that the government would raise the GST.

At that time, he said that “there is no basis” to claims that the GST would be increased to fund increased public spending.

But Mr Lee Hsien Loong finally admitted yesterday at the PAP conference that it was inevitable that taxes would have to be raised to fund government spending.

While the PAP has so far not raised the GST after the elections, it has increased taxes and fees for a slew of items.

In 2016, the government increased carpark fees by as much as 27 percent. It has also raised ERP charges for several gantries as well as added new gantries on the expressways.

The government also announced plans to restrict vehicle growth rate to zero percent, thus ensuring that COE prices would skyrocket. It also has indicated that bus and train fares would go up. In 2016, it raised taxi-licence fees.

This year, it raised water prices by an alarming 30 percent.

PAP-run town councils also upped Service & Conservancy Charges by as much as $17 depending on the flat-type.

In addition, immediately after the GE in 2015 the PAP raised fees for its kindergartens and childcare centres. It increased the fees again in 2017.

Such hikes continue to pile pressure on Singaporeans who are already feeling the financial pain from the high cost of living and a slowing economy in Singapore.

During the Buklit Batok by-election last year, Minister Shanmugaratnam also accused the SDP of spreading “fear and alarm” through our alternative policy proposals.

Referring to the SDP’s call for universal healthcare and unemployment insurance, the DPM said that he was “troubled” by these populist policy proposals and that the SDP should tell the people that these programmes are not free.

The PAP has the habit of criticising the SDP during the elections and then quietly adopting our ideas thereafter. For example, the government introduced the Returner Work Trial this year which is essentially a retrenchment benefits scheme similar to the SDP’s that we proposed in 2010.

Also in 2012, the SDP proposed that our “individual health care risks be pooled” in a nationalised healthcare insurance programme. Three years later, the government introduced its Medishield Life, saying that “everyone shares in the national risk pool”.

Not only has the PAP copied our ideas, it now wants to increase taxes to pay for the programmes as stated by PM Lee in his party speech yesterday.

So the next time Mr Tharman accuses the SDP of proposing populist policies, he should also tell the public that his party is bankrupt of ideas and has to adopt the SDP’s proposals.

He should also be up front with the people and stop denying that our warnings of the government raising taxes have no basis.

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  1. I do not understand why they need to raise taxes when our people are already burdened with the high cost of living. Isn’t it logical for them to use the earnings from the reserves to supplement their income if it is in danger of running a deficit? The reserves remain untouched but the earnings can surely be used and with the president in his pocket, there will not be much resistance. But what I fear is that they have depleted the reserves through poor investment decisions that they cannot touch it.
    If they need to raise taxes they should consider either a wealth tax or bring back the inheritance tax. This will raise the much needed revenue while sparing the lesser off the burden of increased taxes. This way, businesses will have no excuse to increase prices which they will be quick to do it GST was raised.

    • Maybe already use up half of the MONEY$ WELL and need a refill
      Maybe slavery of money resulted greed

      As I always say, a leader who make the country rich, make himself rich, make his families, relatives, friends and associates rich and majority of his people still need to struggle to survive is NOT A GOOD LEADER
      Worst, his people need to compete with foreign short term gain intruders at all level, from freelance selling tissue papers to managers and directors position and an invisible union without action

  2. Well, we are all skeptical of how much of our reserves were left, and I think we are probably right to say the gov have lost a big big part of it, bacause we all know that if this gov had indeed make money out of the investments, they will self praise till there’s no tomorrow. The fact that they are using all kind of tatics to prevent scrutiny on the reserves, I think we have mostly got it right.

    • Foresee but NO ONE brave enough to do anything? How is that any good?

      Did any of the 30% staked their reputation and most possibly their assets on the line to stand by their crystal ball claims?

      What’s the point of all these hindsight talk?

      Btw, the 70% are well prepared for the tax hikes. It just mean they have to find ways to increase their earnings to make up for the tax hikes. No biggie, it has happened before.

      Now it is rather the 30% who has not prepared for it and now screaming AGAIN.

    • They can Inflat home prices mah… Inflat till high heavens then all so much money, get all the banglas to work in Singapore pay tax… where then got problems?


  3. A government that keeps saying you people don’t know nothing about running trains, don’t know how intricate is the management of racial rifts, don’t know how arcane is long -term financial planning etc etc, is a government that wants to keep making you see yourself as a baby that needs its nannying, never mind that it in fact is often bungling its jobs and is as replaceable as furniture without tears and pain.

  4. Maybe the negative response during GE2015 but positive result built up his confidence that 70% or majority will support him whatever he like to do

    Let see GE 2020 whether positive confidence produce unexpected disaster negative result cause NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF CIVILIAN VOTE. As long as majority local breed citizens of few generations decided not to let their younger generations to pay and pay and indirectly force to work till their last breath

  5. The only way to know the the truth is to sack (fire) all 100% of PAP and you will know the truth. It’s a Regime not a Government. Open your eyes people……

  6. After LKY what improvements you can see in spore. Even Spore government Hospital. Patient Low Back pain. No suffered for any cervical spine c3/4(Neck) Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Dr Ernest Wang insisted said to the patient said the problem was on the patient cervical spine c3/4(Neck) Dr Ernest Wang said to the patient if patient did not do surgery on the cervical spine c3/4(Neck) patient could become paralysed. Dr Ernest Wang some more said to the patient surgery is to prevent the patient condition getting worse and worsen due to paralysed. After surgery performed by Dr Ernest Wang patient condition getting worse and worsen badly compressed the spine cord. Cause patient permanently disability. Government Hospital Tan Tock Seng. Patient pay full surgery fees and full hospital bill. Tan Tock Seng Hospital in charge person pretend. No responsible at all. Very unhealthy sure were cause the Hospital Tarnished. Who willing to respected the management in future.

    • Surprised some jokers wanted Harry to die for holidays and cursed him so zealously… …

      Loong’s woe really is becos of parasites in positions.

      Let’s let Khaw to kill people with his propaganda… …

      Until people got killed at MOE or MOT or what scandals… …


  7. There was no need to raise taxes in 2015 but now is 2017 and 2018 is around the corner. Things change.

    Cheepanzee from SDP should understand that. After all he has been telling everyone he is not the man he used to be.

    • Michael u hve been brainwashed by d PAP. Character assassination of opposition is unethical n you fell for it. Name calling is d work of ppl who has limited brain matter thus language inadequacy. By the way how has SDP impacted u do much for u to dislike it so much

    • Freddie Kee assumptions assumptions assumptions

      I’m quite sure in some corner coffeeshop, someone actually think you know everything.

      I don’t like SDP because cheepanzee ousted Chiam See Tong to take control of the party thinking he is smarter than everyone. Btw, he still didn’t get elected while CST formed a new party and got elected nonetheless.

      I don’t like SDP because it is headed by a good for nothing egomaniac who lives off his in laws while he entertain his wet dream of entering singapore politics and the reason why he got kicked out of his research fellowship was because he embezzled research funds for his own spendings instead!

      I don’t like SDP because cheepanzee is still headed by the same egomaniac who surrounds himself with his goon who sings his praises.

      Freddie Kee, just because i support the PAP doesn’t mean I’m brainwashed although that’s what most of you like to think because it just makes you guys who can’t understand anything, feel you got a brain.

    • I stiil maintain u r brainwashed…n enjoy paying higher taxes…train disruption , manipulation of d constitution to deny us d opportunity of electing our President. Chee Soon Juan has my respect. Despite PAP making him a bankrupt( just like what they did to JBJ) he shoulders in relentlessly to hold d govt accountable to their actions. Any lesser man would hve given up but not he. I bet u wouldnt have d guts to b like him. I salute JBJ too. They r d real heroes fighting for democracy. PAP destroys d lives of all those who oppose them…Francis Seow Tang Liang Chong n d earlier Barisan Socialis some of whom were jailed without trial for decades n destroying their rights to spend time with their families. By supporting PAP makes u an accomplice to all these atrocities

    • Freddie Kee JBJ thinks Cheepazee is an idiot! From his mouth when he was still alive. I talk to the late JBJ all the time at Centerpoint when he sells his books.

      Francis Seow was not so much a stellar character he paint himself to the masses. Found that out in my second year of PSc and he was a guest speaker. Couldn’t answer the hard questions.

      Oh please! Those ancient history still harping on? Hello! Move on lah! Otherwise take it up with the late LKY.

      It’s ironical you are living in Singapore, in her safety and peacefulness, with assets and family BUT you detest the govt that provides all that!

      Taxes in Singapore are still the lowest compared to those in Australia, US and UK. The constitution has to be refreshed from time to time otherwise we will face what US is facing. And, who bothers who become President!? With or without that position, it doesn’t affect Singapore.

      I see you like to support the crooks. What would you say of a person who embezzle fundings for his own pleasure? What do we call a person like that? Yet you admire him.

      JBJ fought a good fight and LKY respect him. He did so despite personal losses. That’s called standing by one’s beliefs.

      CSJ was never, NEVER bankrupted by the PAP! He is penniless because he is an egomaniac who refuse to find employment except to wrestle SDP from CST hoping that would get him into parliament for that MP’s salary. Meanwhile he freeload off his in laws! And you respect him!?

    • U got your facts wrong abt JBJ young man. Go brush up on your history…since u are an incorrigible brainwashed PAP supporter I shall not waste my breath with you . Perhaps you could do PAP a favour by volunteering to work for SMRT n help clean up their act. Until then u r just a sheep

    • Freddie Kee like you know it for a fact old man. What I know about JBJ are confirmed by his son who I see in church every weekend.

      Perhaps you should check your facts instead of just coffee shop talk

    • Freddie Kee the train system is showing signs of aging. It’s inevitable.

      Hopefully their act will be cleaned up long before you breath your last. I’m quite sure the train system will outlive you

    • Kenneth…boy oh boy u mixed with d wrong Jeyaratnam my man. My sympathies….please pray harder. Yes train collision flooding r all attributed to ageing….what a load of rubbish. Unbelievable blind supporter Even your beloved Minister acknowledged human inadequacies. As for knowing Kenneth I detect a certain amount of proudness in knowing him. JBJ n CSJ r my heroes not Kenneth. My apologies to him

    • Michael u go to church yet you curse me…what kind of Christian do that… i pray to God to bless you n for Him to show you His light n guide you to d path of righteousness.

    • Freddie Kee who mentioned Kenneth? You assumed it’s that brother.

      So you see, your old age have made you foolish.

      Perhaps you assumed its Kenneth because it is to further your point.

      CSJ, your hero, was dissed by WP even. In the last by election, he wanted align with WP in a joint effort to take down the ward by offering the running of town council to WP while he goes to parliament! What does that show? He just want the MP’s pay and not do any work! He wants a platform to speak because he’s an egomaniac who thinks he is smarter than everyone when the opposite is true. What a stellar example of human flaws. Perhaps he is your hero because you are the same.

    • We can have differing opinions but we must learn ti b civil n responsible in our exchanges without resorting to cursing…or negative personnel remarks. That would make our discussion gentlemanly …a hallmark of being educated as against being literate.

    • We all hve egos….don’t you. Your ego had promoted you to lay curses n to act unchristian like. You go to Church to pray yet you do not display d attributes of a good practising Christian. Maybe you could let your Priest/Pastor comment on your posts to see if it God is indeed pleased with your behaviour. Hitting back n rebutting is one thing…an educated thing in a debate…but using curses r not acceptable in any academically debate . Know d difference between being educated n being literate.

    • Freddie Kee I’m flawed and that’s why I go to church. I don’t go to church because I’m a saint. You probably think so

      Don’t you know priest/pastor are supposedly not to bother themselves with secular stuff?

      As for whether God is pleased with me, I’ll only know when I stand before Him. Until then, neither you nor anyone knows how He will think of it. You can assumed you know because you think everyone should think like you. I don’t. So the question whether we all have egos, it’s answered.

      We are NOT in an academic debate here.

      Being educated doesn’t mean I have to know what to say, it has more to do when whether I should say. And it’s obvious your ego can’t let it go and my educate-ness is hitting you at the right spots. Otherwise you’ll not still be wasting your breath on me.

      Perhaps you should retreat to your corner coffeeshop where the lesser beings finds you impressive.

  8. When his own sibbling has lost trust in him dont expect any trust from his own citizens too. If he is willing to prosecute his flesh and blood we citizen dont expect any mercy from him.His ruling is totally lacked humanity.

    • It is his private matter, so not a concern.

      What is really problematic is the machinery is infested by armies of garbage… …

      So… Loong is really quite stuck… from day one when he slighted the core problem.

      So now… how to have succession?

  9. When will the citizens of Singapore ever learn??? I wonder!!! What happened to all the national savings cum RESERVES?? The so-called returns on our investments are supposed to be used for the benefit of its citizens. What and who are we saving for I wonder???? Some of the present generation of citizens are crying out for relief!!!!! Higher taxes, high cost of living, high property prices, low disposable income, constant disruption in their lives (MRT breakdowns) etc etc etc——- when will relief be forthcoming??? We need more opposition representation in parliament ???? Can?????

  10. They give you chicken wing without any meaning . Give you $1 but taking back from you $10. Singaporeans are too stupid for believing PAP. Its time to change for a better Government and start for a fresh start as we already know our PAP are too greedy.

    • No. In real it is Loong has no options… …

      …even if he wanna lower taxes to go well down in history, he cannot.

      Look at his cabinet… which is not a parasites with 小聪明, and can offer him any assistance on governance at all?

      So… soon he will step down, this is the conclusion he is drawing for himself.






  11. I believe complaining alone doesn’t accomplish anything. Agree? Then we should each do something in our capacities as an individual, as part of our community & as a citizen of Sgp. Do what u can for your family. Do what u can for your neighbours/neighbourhood. And what u can for your country. Finally, use your vote wisely.

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