Home News Organised foreign pickpocket syndicates operating in MRT?

Organised foreign pickpocket syndicates operating in MRT?




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Aini Dasuni shared her brother-in-law’s WhatsApp message in her Facebook. The WhatsApp message said that it was a warning message from a man who was robbed on 29 Aug in the MRT.

The Facebook post has gone viral and has been shared over 1,800 times. The message said:

“Warning from my bro Firdaus, who was robbed last night: “Beware of pickpockets in the MRT trains. they will strike when the train is packed. My pocket was sliced by a penknife and I don’t even know when my wallet was gone until wanted to take it out to tap out, then only realised my pocket was cut.” Always keep the bag in from of you when standing.

Firdaus suspected a group of 5 Filipinos. 2 guys and 3 gals standing close¬†to him. 2 of them banged into him during the journey as train (was) crowded. All 5 were carrying bags, probably to shield their actions. So be careful as they work in teams.”

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When some Facebook users doubted Aini’s account of the crime and asked for proof of it, she stood her ground and said that a police report had been made.

1In early August this year, the Police announced that they had busted a pickpocket syndicate which allegedly targeted tourists and used their credit cards to make purchases at luxury shops.

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