Lifestyle Arts Malaysian sultan's ex-wife ready to reveal the true story behind her split...

Malaysian sultan’s ex-wife ready to reveal the true story behind her split from husband

Her family and friends rallied on her side at the peak of the divorce saga, but now, she seems to be willing to move forward.




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Russian model Rihana Oksana Petra released a teaser on Instagram that her followers upbeat on what would be next in her perceived plans to tell all on her divorce from Malaysian Sultan Muhammad V.

Oksana Petra wrote on Instagram that she knows “everyone really wants to know what happened to us.”

This is the first time the former Miss Moscow is hinting that the rumours of their split might, after all, be true.

Before that, she kept denying news reports regarding the divorce, posting on Instagram saying news reports and revelations that the Sultan did not recognise her son as theirs were new to her and were shocking.

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Her family and friends rallied on her side at the peak of the divorce saga, but now, she seems to be willing to move forward.

“Before, I was not ready to reveal my story,” she said on Instagram.

“Maybe, if I tell you the truth, I will feel better … but I just don’t want to hurt anyone,” she added without elaborating. “It will be painful.”

Accompanying the veiled confession was a cosy picture of herself and the sultan, a departure from the professionally taken pictures of the couple typically posted to her account.

In denying the claims of divorce, she described her husband as “a decent Muslim” saying media reports were “not legitimate”.

On Instagram, she maintained an image of being in a happy marriage, continuing to recount anecdotes of her romance with the Sultan. She has been posting updates on their baby’s development, even as Muhammad V’s lawyer confirmed that Muslim courts had finalised the divorce paperwork.

Notably, there are no pictures of the three as a family on Rihana’s account, and mother and baby appear to have been living in Moscow for an extended period now.

In response to the former beauty queen’s latest post, fans – most of whom believed the couple were indeed divorced – flooded the comments section with messages of support.

One commenter referenced the Sultan’s first failed marriage and advised Rihana to “move on” and “delete all his photos”, while others said they hoped she would heal from the episode.

Several comments were words of advice to her, asking her to keep the details of her marriage secret as a measure of prudence.

If Rihana does reveal her side of the story, it could explain why the Kelantan Palace has never officially recognised the couple’s union or accorded her a title, unlike other foreign brides.

It could also explain the Sultan’s mysterious and sudden abdication of the throne earlier this year – well before his term was up.

Observers have speculated that his abdication was linked to his marriage with Rihana.

The model previously said on Instagram that staying silent would mean conceding to “untruths”, and that she intended to defend her family’s honour.

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