LTA set to hike vehicle registration fees by 36% and more than double transfer fees from 20 Dec


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced today that it will be hiking 24 vehicle-related fees out of a total of 61 such fees with effect from 20 Dec 2017.

Among other fee hikes, the vehicle registration fee is set to grow by about 36 per cent, rising to S$220 from S$140, while vehicle transfer fees will grow by more than double the current fee, from the current S$11 to S$25.

Explaining the fees hike, a spokesman representing the statutory board said that vehicle-related fees are being raised due to the “rising costs of providing these services to vehicle owners/users” such as IT system maintenance and manpower costs.

LTA added that the fees that are being hiked have “largely remained unchanged for more than 10 years.”

Disgruntled netizens criticised this reasoning for hiking fees and asked, frustrated: “how much is enough?”


  1. Justification for any fee or tax hike –
    1- throw out statistics to confuse the ignorant and smoke the learned
    2- is long time no hike ! (So hike is based on when they feel like doing it!)
    3- what ever this white termite gang does is a decree !!
    4- when Pinky decree then it must be so !!!
    5- 70% asked and receive it with open butt!!!
    This Is Singapore !!!

  2. Have to quickly raise whatever tax, fare, duty, toll, excise, levy, assessment, imposition, charge, rate, fee, exaction etc now otherwise it will be too close to the next GE! Collect now so 2018 year end, can issue themselves big bonuses.

  3. Our Gods feel the “heaven” they created here for us will appeal to anyone else on the planet. So why worry about what we the people think or want. They do what they want until we choke and perish. The others currently outside of “heaven” will take our place happily and in no time.

  4. Good job you 70%… Good job. In case you don’t know, whatever the leaders do to the citozens ITS YOUR DOING TOO. YOU’RE NOT INNOCENT OF THESE ACTS. You know how they’ve been operating for decades and yet you still choose them time and time again.

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