Lightning strike MRT on East-West Line; injury suspected


An MRT train travelling on the East-West Line was struck by lightning just after 4pm today. At least one injury may have been arisen from the strike that caused a 10-minute train service delay between Tanah Merah and Paya Lebar stations.

The affected train has been withdrawn from service.

This is not the first time lightning train. A train on the North-South line was hit by lightning in May last year, momentarily disrupting services between Yishun and Yio Chu Kang stations. Another south-bound train also suffered electrical failure, back in 2013, when it was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm.

Interestingly, SMRT has previously said that train commuters are protected and are unlikely to be injured in the event of a lightning strike.

Experts have also asserted in the past that the steel frame of MRT trains keeps commuters inside safe inside train compartment in the event of a a lightning strike, likening protection within an MRT to the protection offered when one is inside a an aeroplane.

Meanwhile, in a seperate incident today, an Emergency Stop Plunger switch appears to have been activated by someone at Clementi station about an hour before the lightnight strike. It is unclear who tripped the alarm.

About a dozen police officers and SMRT staff were seen investigating the matter at Clementi station.


  1. this is definitely NOT an act of god… once again smrt failed… there is a Standard & Code of Practice for protection against lightning. smrt failed to regularly inspect and maintain the lightning SPD (surge protection device)… the PE & LEW did not do their job…

  2. Even god also no eyes to see and very angry at those who still spreading the fake news that our rail system is top class and supporting those useless farker. Those better dun go out when raining. This strike is a prelude to something bigger. Be very scare!!!!

  3. Just yesterday LHL vouched for his ownself people today ah gong show lightning to LHL and his group of joker. And yes it is MRT again. Ah gong his father is showing LHL he is angered liao. better repent.

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