Featured News Lee Hsien Yang to Mandarin-speaking voters: End PAP's vast majority seat status

Lee Hsien Yang to Mandarin-speaking voters: End PAP’s vast majority seat status

PM's younger brother urges them to "stop writing blank cheques"




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Singapore — In an appeal only two days before voters head to the polls, Mr Lee Hsien Yang, the brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has appealed to the Mandarin-speaking population to vote against the incumbents and “end the PAP’s vast majority seat status”.

In a Facebook post in Mandarin earlier on Wednesday (July 8), Mr Lee wrote that, when he spoke to Singaporeans, he heard their many worries about their future.

Loosely translated, Mr Lee said: “As independence generations are old and your HDB lease decreases, you are worried about whether you can get your own CPF. You worry that you can’t afford your own healthcare after retirement.”

He said: “In the current state of PAP control, our future hides crises. In recent years, the PAP government has tightened the media and imposed strict control over social media rhetoric.”

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Mr Lee asked: “How can you make our leader responsible? How can you make them listen to you? How can you let them at least consider different opinions carefully, rather than ignore it and then return to outdated thinking patterns? PAP said to keep Singapore safe, so why did they hold the General Election so quickly in the Covid-19 pandemic so that the Singaporean people risk their lives?”

He urged Singaporeans that, in order to find answers, they would have to vote.

“Voting for the opposition is the safest option for Singapore,” he said. Using the same boat metaphor as PM Lee, the younger Mr Lee said that it was not about “flipping the boat or messing with the situation, it’s about saving our boat from sinking”.

“Singapore’s future is at stake. Every vote is very precious. End PAP’s vast majority seat status. Wake up the current ruling party. Stop writing blank cheques,” he added.


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