Jurong West HDB flat suspected of being den of 5 PRC prostitutes serving 30 men daily

picture credit: Zaobao

The Chinese Daily reported that residents of a block of flats in Jurong West Central 1 have reported a unit in the block to the authorities for suspected vice activities. According to the report,  many unfamiliar men have been appearing every day at the unit, just 1 month after a group of new tenants moved in. The tenants are 5 girls believed to be from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

One neighbour speaking to the newspaper said that at least 30 men visit the unit on weekdays, with up to 50 turning up on weekends. And some come as early as 6am. The neighbour added that she tried peeking into the flat on one occasion, but the unit was dark. She found it fishy that the main door of the flat is always closed while the front gate is left half open.

She believes that the flat is being used as a brothel and have called it a disgrace to the neighbourhood. A reporter from the newspaper also said that their surveillance revealed that multiple men were seen entering and leaving the unit.


  1. We used to pride ourselves as a garden city. Everything is nice and clean. And the parks are free-parking.

    What happened?

    Now everything have changed. We stopped using the clean and green tag. We still are a little clean and a little green. Parks got no free parking. Condos replaces trees.

    We have a lot of foreign workers and inevitably the chickens will follow. Into our estates. Some are culled due to bird flu.

  2. Jurong west targeted by Vice ring from PRC .If owner do Checks should be able to detect. HDB should come out with tougher eg Confisicate or heavily Find to deterd sucj illicit activities!!!!

  3. Increase population to 6.9m but nvr increase the other ancillary services to meet the demand. Give them a bigger Geyland la. Not enuf hospitals, housing, transport, dormitories, chickens…. such poor planning.

  4. You find them in older condos where they are know they have more less eyes on their operation. Ask the guards and they have lots of story to tell you what they suspect.

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