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S-Pass FT does not understand the English term ‘pending’




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On Friday (2 Jun), an FT posted a message on an Expat forum asking for help. The person said that his S-Pass was rejected. The company then appealed for him. When he checked the MOM’s website, his application status showed “pending”.

“I am not sure it’s a common change or not because there are lots of people say their status was still rejected unless change to approve,” he wrote. “I don’t understand the meaning of ‘pending’, so stressful.”

He clarified in the same conversation thread that he was confused that his status was not automatically changed from “rejected” to “approved” after his company appealed the rejection. He said others had told him that this change in status would be automatic.

It’s not known where the person graduated from, but in any case, MOM’s website stated that S-Pass applicants must have a minimum salary of $2,200 and “acceptable qualifications”.

It’s interesting to note that whatever qualification this person has, it does not enable him to understand the English word ‘pending’.

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