Home News Foreign worker who outraged modesty of flatmate who was sleeping naked jailed

Foreign worker who outraged modesty of flatmate who was sleeping naked jailed




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A Malaysian who had been working in Singapore as a driver has been jailed for 12 weeks for outraging the modesty of his flatmate. Teng Ching Yuan had rented a room in a Pasir Ris flat which is owned by a married couple. He had misbehaved to another woman who had rented another room in the same apartment.

The Court heard that the incident happened on a night when the other tenant, the 30-year-old woman, had forgotten to lock her room before going to sleep. That was when Teng struck. And he had only rented his room for a week when he engaged in that crime. Police investigations revealed that he had a video clip of the same woman sleeping naked in the room three-days prior to the incident which happened on 15 April this year.

Teng entered the woman’s room at about 5am and tried lifting her blanket 3 times slowly. The woman felt the lifting of her blanket and was shocked to see Tend standing topless next to her.

When she shouted, Teng covered her mouth with his hands. She struggled and pushed him away and tried to call the police. But Teng again covered her mouth with his hands. The flat owners who woke up by the commotion called the Police on Teng.

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Forensic analysis of Teng’s phone found that it contained 70 obscene films. He pleaded guilty to 2 charges of insulting the modesty of a woman, and one charge each of criminal trespass, use of criminal force and possession of obscene films.

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