Lifestyle Arts Fans saddened that Girls' Generation is not making a comeback after all

Fans saddened that Girls’ Generation is not making a comeback after all

Hopes raised, then dashed about group that has been inactive since 2017




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Seoul — A few days ago, fans were excited by the possibility that their beloved Girls’ Generation was going to make a comeback. They were, however, mistaken.

It all began when the group’s official Instagram account uploaded two squares to their feed. Both had only a light pink background without any description except for the hashtag #Girlsgeneration.

Fans became ecstatic and speculated that the squares were referring to the comeback of the South Korean girl band. They commented: “SNSD comeback!”, “WHAT?”, “COMEBACK??”

The bubble was burst when SM Entertainment, which formed the group, uploaded a new set of photos a few hours later. Fans discovered that the company had uploaded the two pink squares so that Hyoyeon’s comeback photo could fit the Instagram page.

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The Instagram page had previously uploaded Taeyeon’s solo “I” (featuring Verbal Jint), which has raked in 200 million views on YouTube. Because of this post, they needed to fill in the extra two squares in order for Hyoyeon’s teaser photo to fit perfectly.

Fans were unhappy that the squares did not mean that Girls’ Generation was making a comeback and they laughed at how they had made a mistaken assumption about the two squares as they were very eager for a comeback.

The fans commented: “It’s for their feed 😭 dear SONEs, we are clowns 😂💜.”, “It’s for the aesthetic guys chill.”,”We ended up being excited over two squares that are there to make Hyoyeon’s photo fit lol.”

Girls’ Generation is also known as SNSD.
Picture: YouTube

Girls’ Generation is also known as SNSD. It made its debut in 2007. Its eight members are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. The group used to have nine members but Jessica left in September 2014.

Girls’ Generation, which was active until 2017, is one of the prominent figures of the Korean Wave. The girl band has earned many accolades and has been named “The Nation’s Girl Group” in South Korea. /TISG

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