Featured News Don't be discouraged, say PAP leaders to students who didn't do well...

Don’t be discouraged, say PAP leaders to students who didn’t do well in their O-level exams

The PM, the DPM and Education Minister congratulated the students who did well and expressed motivational sentiments to those who didn't do as well as they'd hoped




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People’s Action Party (PAP) leaders have urged students who may not have done as well as they expected in their O-level examinations to not lose heart.

O-level examination results were released on Monday (13 Jan) and students who sat for the exams last year achieved the highest rate of success in at least three decades. 85.2 per cent of the 24,409-strong cohort achieved five or more passes. 99.9 per cent of students passed at least one subject while 96.5 per cent of students passed at least three subjects.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong congratulated students on Facebook yesterday and said that the results mark the culmination of years of hard work and effort. He added that there are options students can explore no matter how they did in the O-level examinations:

“Congratulations to all students who received your ‘O’ Level results today. It marks the culmination of years of hard work and effort put in by you and your teachers.
“However you did, take the time to explore your options for the next chapter of your learning adventure. There are many possibilities, each with their own merits. More importantly, do thank your teachers, friends and family for their support in this journey.
“The friendships and bonds forged over the past years are precious, and I hope you continue to keep in touch. I wish you all the best!”

Echoing his party leader’s views, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat urged students who may not have done as well as they had hoped to not be discouraged.

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Mr Heng – who is expected to become Singapore’s next Prime Minister sometime after the next election – wrote on Facebook: “To those who got the results you wanted, or even better — congratulations! Continue to work hard and do your best!

“To those who did not do as well as you expected, don’t be discouraged. Take some time out to think about your next step. Learning is a lifelong journey with many pathways. Find one that best suits your strengths and interests at this stage of your life. Talk to your parents and teachers, or friends.”

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung, a prominent member of the ruling party’s fourth-generation cohort of leaders, said that there are many pathways to education and students who hit a roadblock can take advantage of different pathways and options. He wrote:

“Congratulations to our O-Level students on achieving another milestone in your education journey. You now have to decide which path to take next ‪- JC, Polytechnic, ITE. All allow you to pursue your interests; each caters to different learning styles.

“The pathways are also porous, so even if you hit a roadblock in one, you can take some time to hop over it, or move over to another. So talk to your parents, friends and counsellors about your options and find out which pathway suits you best.‬ All the best!”

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