Despite raising hands, schoolkids nearly run over at zebra crossing

Photo: SG Road Vigilante

Two children from Nanyang Primary School were almost run over at a zebra crossing on September 12, despite them raising their hands while crossing the road. This has led to much outrage from netizens over the recklessness of drivers, especially since the incident took place in a school zone, where speed limits are enforced.

The video, shared on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante received 21,000 views and 300 reactions.


Member of the group slowed down her car as it approaches a pedestrian crossing along King’s Road, and it then came to a complete stop. Two young students from Nanyang Primary School checked that it was safe to cross the road, raised their right hands before doing so, and continued to hold up their hands while crossing. Meanwhile the driver of a PHV Toyota Corolla #SLH8126J simply drove across the pedestrian crossing without giving a damn! Just half-a-second separated this close-call to injuries.1) Did the driver not noticed the Single White Zigzag Lines, which is an advance warning of the presence of a zebra crossing? 2) Did he also failed to notice the yellow chequered markings of a raised zebra crossing? 3) Did he not noticed too that a car across from him had stopped moving for at least 4 seconds? 4) Does he even care?Get that scumbag off our roads!TP report has been made.Details: King’s Road (in front of the Catholic Church of St. Ignatius,) PHV #A015133, Report Acknowledgement No: 20180910-0031, Sep 10, 1345 Hours

Posted by SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Wednesday, 12 September 2018

In the video, two schoolchildren can be seen raising their hands before they start crossing the road – a pedestrian crossing along King’s Road – and then start to walk across.

The car with the dashboard camera comes to a stop upon seeing them, but a black Toyota Corolla on the other side of the road speeds through the zebra crossing, narrowly missing the two children.

As the children realize that the car was not about to come to a stop, they immediately stop in their tracks, while the Toyota does not even attempt to slow down.

According to the Road Traffic Act, under Road Traffic (Pedestrian Crossings) Rules, “The driver of every vehicle approaching a pedestrian crossing shall, unless he can see that there is no pedestrian, cyclist or PMD rider thereon, proceed at such speed as will enable him to stop his vehicle before reaching the crossing.”

Drivers who fail to do so could receive six demerit points plus a fine of S$150. According to the post, a Traffic Police report has been lodged.

Netizens had mixed views.