Customer incensed after Grab sends her expensive limo cab instead of the standard taxi she booked


Facebook user Dian Hamzah is incensed after ride hailing company Grab allegedly sent her an expensive limousine cab after she booked a standard taxi on their mobile application over the weekend.

Dian took to Facebook to share her experience so that fellow Grab customers are wary. She claims that Grab is unjust to passengers and uploaded screenshots of her correspondence with the company to prove her point.

The issue began on Saturday, 20 Jan when Dian booked a standard taxi but a limo accepted her booking. Dian claims that she was not informed that she would be picked up in the more expensive vehicle until the limo arrived at her pick up point.

Dian wrote in to Grab and expressed her frustrations that she was sent a limo, which she feels should belong in the premium category and not the standard taxi category on the ride booking application.

A customer service officer representing Grab responded to her and revealed that “booking via Grabtaxi is open to all taxi vehicle types.”

This reply further frustrated Dian who wrote that a price difference of $10-$16 between a standard taxi and a limo is “no joke.” She added, “how would you feel if you go to hospital as a subsidised patient but charged at private patient (level)?”

It is unclear whether Grab responded.

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Posted by Dian Hamzah on Saturday, 20 January 2018


  1. Grab mainly provide a platform between passengers and respective cab ride which at this point of time a taxi …… grab will charge a commission which each successful ride . Grab may not be answerable to each and every happenings esp when it comes to limo service etc ….
    Taxi be it a premium or executive will need to charge the passenger normal rate as it was requested .
    This case is bits tricky whether should consumer be approaching the taxi agency or grab for aid ?
    End of the day , the taxi driver is the one who controls the charge ….. grab mainly come up with the pricing …