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Youths slammed for opening and tasting food in the supermarket before putting it back on the shelves




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Yet another video of youths performing prohibited acts and filming themselves doing it has surfaced. Yesterday evening, a Snapchat video of teenagers opening jars in the supermarket made its way around the internet and social media.

The video, shared on Facebook page Shut Down TRS showed two youths, with a third filming them. They were at an outlet of Giant Hypermarket. At they section of spreads and jams, they were filmed opening bottles, putting their fingers in the jars to taste the products, then closing the lids and re-placing the items on the shelves.


In the video, the first youth in white opened what looked to be chocolate spread, tasted it and walked away. The second youth, dressed in a black top, tasted the contents of the jar and not liking it, put the jar back on the shelf before laughing with their friends.

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In the background, the voices of other people can be heard, and when the video shifts, other customers can be seen in the same aisle of the supermarket, meaning that the teens made no attempt to be covert.

Netizens chastised these youths for their behavior and even brought this incident to the attention of the Singapore Police Force.

This is not the first time that youths have performed delinquent acts and filmed themselves doing it:




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