International Asia Young boy in M' sia denies interaction with potential Covid-19 patient, causes...

Young boy in M’ sia denies interaction with potential Covid-19 patient, causes clinic to close temporarily

Clinic employee, Mei Yong explained that the young man was able to slip through the clinic's screening process having denied close contact with a Covid-19 PUI (Patient Under Investigation)




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Kuala Lumpur – A clinic in Malaysia was forced to shut down temporarily after a young man lied about his interaction with a potential Covid-19 patient during the screening process.

A clinic employee named Mei Yong took to Facebook to share the incident on March 19. She included a photo of an empty clinic at 9:57 am, and it wasn’t because no one was seeking treatment but due to some “idiotic people who just never learn from the current situation and have no common sense at all.”

Ms Yong explained that a young man was able to slip through the clinic’s screening process having denied close contact with a Covid-19 PUI (Patient Under Investigation). The man had numerous chances to admit the truth to the person who gave him his calling number, the nurse who screened his temperature, the other nurse who took his blood pressure, and so on, said Ms Yong.

It was only when the doctor questioned the patient several times that he disclosed the truth. “Following this, our staff had to clear all the patients in the clinic while reviewing their risk of contracting the infection,” shared Ms Yong. The clinic was also temporarily closed for a few hours for disinfection.

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According to Ms Yong, the nurse who took the young man’s vital signs was pregnant, and he even coughed on the doctor who was trying to help him. She spoke to the young man directly in her post, illustrating the gravity of his action.

Hey boy, you are young. You are healthy. You think you’re fine. But did you know? There are also elderly and young children in the clinic seeking treatment, the nurse who screened your vital signs is a pregnant lady and the doctor who is trying to help you, you coughed right in her face. If you’re not positive, we will all be grateful. But what if you are? Yes, you have a high chance of recovering from the infection because of your perfectly fine immune system. What about those who accidentally contracted the infection due to your irresponsible acts? If anything happens to them, will you be guilty for the rest of your life?

She added that everyone at the frontlines is just trying to help the people by sharing the burden regardless of the facility’s size and capacity. “Dear Malaysians, are you still unaware of what’s going on and where it’s leading us to?” asked Ms Yong.

Since the time of upload, the post has been shared over 5,000 times and garnered 6,400 reactions from netizens, with many members from the online community appalled at the youth’s inconsiderate actions. Many urged for strict penalties to be imposed on those who lie about having close contact with a PUI.

Photo: FB screengrab/Mei Yong

Photo: FB screengrab/Mei Yong

“Luckily I am not frontline, else I sudah drag them settle outside,” said Danny Sim Yong Seng.

Photo: FB screengrab/Mei Yong

So, this is how my KK looked like at 9.57am today. And it's not because there's no one who come to seek treatment, but…

Posted by Mei Yong on Thursday, 19 March 2020

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