After having a bad fall and suffering from injuries to the forehead and nose, a Singaporean woman reported rushing to a clinic, where she was allegedly told that she had to wait as the staff were busy with many patients.

“I was unlucky (and) had a fall this morning near Khatik Blk 484,” a woman shared on Facebook, Wednesday (Nov 23). The incident took place around two days before this, based on her timeline. “My face kiss(ed) the hard floor, so my forehead and nose (were) bleeding and the people there told me this clinic is good (and asked) me to go there.”

The woman then shared her experience at the clinic and the response of the staff that left her with no other option but to leave. “When I reached the clinic, I (showed) the staff my wounded face and hoped to (be seen) as I (was) afraid I (had a) head injury, but one of the staff told me…You need to wait. We are busy now and (have) many patients.”

She then reported that her husband asked if she could be attended to first, saying “as the clinic only (had) a couple of patients,” but she reported that this was to no avail. “She kept telling us (we needed) to wait and (she continued with her work and (didn’t) really want to entertain us.”

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The woman then reported that staff at the next clinic she went to advised her to go directly to the hospital “as they (couldn’t) help much (because I was) bleeding badly and might need a scan on (the) head (and not to) waste the money here. (A thank you) to the lady from this clinic,” she wrote.

Towards the end of her message, the woman shared two disclaimers: “I don’t have the habit (of reading or answering my) phone when I’m walking,” and “This photo is just (from when I fell)…when we reached KTPH, my forehead (had) a big lump and (my) upper lip was swollen.”

An update was given on Wednesday evening (Nov 23), where the netizen thanked people for their comments. “We panicked when (the) incidents happened, (and forgot that we) should go (to the) hospital immediately. The first clinic…really gave me a bad impression.  The next clinic at least advised us on what we should do.”

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The woman then reported her experience at KTPH hospital, writing, “(I) waited for close to 3 hours plus, only (got an) x-ray (of) my wrist–luckily no fracture, and (went) home without any medicine…(the) doctor said (I) don’t need it. Today I went to my GP, (and got) some antibiotics and painkillers. Thanks, guys.”