Earlier this week, Haidilao, a hot pot restaurant at its City Square outlet offered to give students who did well in their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) a $30 discount while those who did less well be given a smaller discount of $20 or $10, depending on their scores.

But the hotpot giant appeared to have a change of heart, later amending the promo on its Facebook page to say that all PSLE takers would be getting the $30 discount after netizens expressed their ire seeing the initial promo.

The promo initially said that only examinees with Achievement Level scores of between four and seven would get the $30 discount. Those who scored between eight and 11 would get a $20 discount, and those who scored between 12 and 20 would get a $10 discount.

Here’s what netizens had to say about it:

Later, however, some netizens commenting on the post thanked Haidilao for amending it.

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 Over on Reddit, netizens were less gracious, however.

Some Reddit users jokingly suggested that Haidilao should have done the opposite.

But at least one Redditor had a more gracious take, saying that it was a good thing that the hotpot chain had at least recognized its mistake.


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