Influencer Xiaxue Joins CHARIS' Celebrity Adventure in South Korea

Wendy Cheng, a Singaporean influencer who is famously known as Xiaxue, shared glimpses of her trip to South Korea by posting cute and pretty photos on her Facebook page and Instagram account. 

Xiaxue was invited by CHARIS, a famous online shop for authentic Korean beauty (K-beauty) products, to be one of the celebrities to visit South Korea and work with their team. 

The influencer expressed her excitement through her pictures – showcasing her fun adventures alongside other invited influencers. 

“Love you so matcha @sophiewillocq Day 3 with @hicharis_official and it has been Seoul good see my igs for our fun adventures!!” she said in one of her posts.

Sophie Willocq – also a well-loved beauty, lifestyle, and travel influencer based in Singapore – was one of the celebrities invited by the brand to join their company in Korea as well. 

Fans expressed their admiration for the post with compliments on how beautiful the photos turned out. 

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One comment from IG user ‘akinoyuutsu’ commended the pictures by saying “I just really love the whole feel and composition of this shot ❤️” 

Another comment from IG user ‘jujujucloe’ commented “Too cute 😍”. 

Xiaxue also featured picturesque locations in Myeong-dong as she continued her adventure in South Korea. 

Walked past this wall and it said hello to me so I took a picture with it 🤣” she said.

Through these posts, she also took the opportunity to thank CHARIS for this much-anticipated Korean trip.

“Thank you, @hicharis_official for this long-awaited Charis Celeb trip to Korea. I’ve missed Seoul and the whole Charis team! ❤️” she mentioned. 

As of this writing, Xiaxue is still in South Korea with other influencers from all over the world – who share her love of beauty and lifestyle.

Xiaxue‘s Influence on K-Beauty Industry and Trends

Xiaxue’s tour in South Korea, backed by CHARIS, not only puts a spotlight on the influencer herself but also holds implications for the global beauty industry. The K-beauty market is known for its innovative, high-quality, and reasonably priced products. By associating with an influential personality like Xiaxue, CHARIS continues to bolster its image as a leading K-beauty brand.

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Through this collaboration, Xiaxue brings forward a more personal, relatable perspective of K-beauty to her fans. Her journey in South Korea could potentially impact beauty trends, as her followers take cues from her experiences and choices. This dynamic influence on consumer behavior exemplifies the role of social media personalities in shaping industry trends.

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