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Joy Reid, an MSNBC anchor, has made multiple remarks about White Christians this year. The mistreatment of white people in the mainstream media is now a topic of conversation. The debates regarding this issue are on a rise on social media. Reports state that conservatives are vehemently unhappy with this rhetoric. 

According to NBC Montana, she suggests that former President Donald Trump’s Iowa success stems from entitled White Christians seeking dominance in American politics. Reid labels Iowa voters as predominantly White Christians, asserting their belief in divine entitlement to control the nation. 

She posited that despite Trump’s repeated losses, his promises to restore their perceived ownership of America maintain his support among this demographic. 

Furthermore, Reid’s history of provocative racial commentary resurfaced, highlighting previous instances where she drew criticism for inflammatory remarks. Meanwhile, Trump celebrated a resounding victory in the Iowa caucuses, fueling debates on race and politics.

Conservatives criticizing Joy Reid for her remarks about White Christians 


Following that, X users are labeling her as a “racist” as she is blaming a certain group of individuals for their respective political opinions. They state that someone as prominent as her should not mention or blame a specific segmented group of people for who they vote for. 

In addition to this, conservatives find it ironic that her hairstyle is akin to Donald Trump’s hairstyle. They state that it is ironic because she is criticizing the people who support him, yet they have a similar haircut. 


Others state that it is not wrong for someone to be a White Christian. However, liberals claim that it is wrong when they are “abusing” their “privileges.” Regardless, most conservatives believe that we are living in a time where having equality without scrutinizing others is the best way to move forward. 

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