Workers’ Party parliamentarian Raeesah Khan reminisced about how her young family began, in a social media post published on Wednesday (9 Dec).

The daughter of ex-presidential hopeful Farid Khan, Ms Khan has been with Mahadhir Caffoor since at least 2017. The couple got married on 12 July 2018 and welcomed their first child, Raees, exactly a year later on 12 July 2019.

Almost exactly a year after her son was born, Ms Khan was fielded as one of the Workers’ Party’s candidates for Sengkang GRC. On 10 July, just two days before her son’s first birthday and her second wedding anniversary, Ms Khan and her team won Sengkang GRC in a stunning upset.

The victory at Sengkang GRC, which is only the second instance in Singapore in which the opposition wrested a multi-member ward from the ruling party, made Ms Khan the youngest MP in Parliament and the first minority opposition MP.

Ms Khan revealed that she was pregnant with her second child on the same day she was sworn in as MP, on 24 August.

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On Wednesday, the young mother said that she has been reflecting on how her family began as she prepares to welcome another little one. Sharing a photo of herself and her husband at their wedding reception, the WP MP wrote on Instagram:

As our family grows I’ve been reminiscing on how it started with just two people. Now we share a bed with a toddler who kicks us in our face, and another who kicks me in my tummy!”

Ms Khan’s post drew over 7,000 likes within hours, with several netizens showering well wishes upon the young Khan-Caffoor family. Take a look at the MP’s post here:

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