Relationships Woman says her 30-year-old boyfriend still needs his mother to make decisions;...

Woman says her 30-year-old boyfriend still needs his mother to make decisions; she also looks over his finances

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"I haven't met his mum yet if that matters, but I expect I will meet her soon. Should I wait and see how it goes? Talk to him about it? Or should I just walk away?" the woman asked

SINGAPORE: A woman dating a “Mama’s Boy” took to social media asking if this was a dealbreaker.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman said that both she and her boyfriend were in their early 30s and dating for about 5 months now. “From what I know he is very close with his mum, and he does share a lot of our r/s stuff with his mum, which honestly makes it a little uncomfortable because who knows what he filters?” she wrote. She added that her boyfriend would also consult his mother for things he wants to do and run them by her.

“And apparently his mum still looks over his finances??? I can understand asking for advice kind but I feel like otherwise, at this age, he should be more or less, if not fully independent”, the woman wrote.

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She added that she had not yet met her boyfriend’s mother but anticipated that they would be meeting soon. She asked if she should see how things play out or speak to her boyfriend about his reliance on his mother. She also wanted to know if she should just walk away altogether.

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Here’s what netizens who commented on the post said:

Last month, a girlfriend who went on a Mother’s Day trip with her boyfriend and his family found that he did not let her do anything besides what his mother wanted.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the girlfriend wrote that her “boyfriend suggested me to (sic) join him and his family on a 2d1n Batam trip to celebrate Mother’s Day. I casually agreed cause i’m available and free on that day too”.

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After they bought their tickets, the girlfriend then asked her boyfriend if they could go for an hour-long massage. However, her boyfriend refused as he said “we can only do stuff the mum wants to do as this is a celebration for her. Thus we should not do our own things”.

Girlfriend joins bf’s family on trip to celebrate Mother’s Day, she wants to go for a massage but he says they should only do what his mum wants to do

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