SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media after calculating how much it would take to start a family. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman said that she deserved better than her current partner.

“There’s this guy I met online. He’s my age and he cooks steak and shares my faith.I mean the only reason I hold on is because I feel like he’s nice, shares my faith and my wishes and taste. Plus he can cook and clean”, she wrote. However, the woman added that the man did not give her security or assurance when it came to the topic of cheating. “He’d give me that giggle like he’s hiding something. Weird”, she wrote. She also added that her friend told her that all married men cheat behind their wives’ backs. Because of this, the woman was hesitant to marry but said she did not want to be alone either.

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“I calculated that it would take $20k to start a family of 2 kids. I feel that somehow, I deserve a better guy. I earn more than my current partner. I earn close to $10k. I can cook, I clean, I can grow plants too”, she wrote, asking netizens if she deserved better in a partner.

One netizen who commented on her post said: “If you think you deserve better with all your so-called attributes and earning power, you ought to go ahead and find better guys out there. Why are you complaining here?”

Another added: “Why is it a question anymore? Asking for advice so you will feel less guilty? You already despised him. Looks like you think he is inferior to you in all aspects. By the way you use the word “nice” so you have no attraction for him. The thorn of the issue is earning power right? Leave and go get a more “superior” man. I’m sure you can. You think only you have options and he doesn’t have? However “all married men cheat” is an emotional sweeping statement and doesn’t do justice to countless faithful married men out there”.

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