SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media asking if she was too sensitive because she found herself getting agitated over a number of things her mother-in-law did at home.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote: “One day I found out that my MIL went thru our cupboard in masterbedroom and took out 1 of my clothes and put on my bed. I personally don’t like ppl to touch my things, so I nagged at my hubby. I want him to tell her don’t touch my things. My hubby was a little irritated at me and we quarreled”.

She shared that in another incident, she de-cluttered her house and threw out a lot of things. When she went out, her mother-in-law went through the discarded items picked out a figurine and placed it in the living room. Because of this, the woman complained to her husband, and they had another tiff.

They have an electric leg massager in their house, and the woman found out that her mother-in-law had been using it but not throwing off the electricity after use. When she complained about the matter to her husband, he brushed it off. However, she added: “Honestly to me is a small thing BUT I’m the one paying for everything in the house. Why I cannot interfere in this?”.

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The woman said that another bad habit her mother-in-law had was to not clean up after herself after eating. “For example, she eats the bread, bread crumbs dropped on the table. Eyes can see big crumbs she used hand to pick it up. Eyes cannot see ones she don’t clean it”, the woman wrote.

The woman added that all her mother-in-law’s incidents took place when she was at work. Her mother-in-law stays with them, overseeing her child and helper. The woman asked netizens for advice on what she should do.

Most netizens said she was petty and should cut her mother-in-law slack. One said: “I’m sorry. Nobody is perfect. She has her flaws and clearly by this post, you have your own. Those things are not life threatening and is not even a big problem. Bread crumbs, turning off devices, salvaging items, these are not even a big deal. Maybe she overstep when she went through your wardrobe but maybe she wanted to repair or iron it properly. This only requires a small conversation. None of these are deal breakers but the way you tell them, it feels like your life is turned upside down, which it hasn’t. She’s there to look after your child and a helper, I think she does more for you than all these supposed ‘bad’ habits. You really should reflect on yourself and your temper”.