SINGAPORE: A 41-year-old married man shared about how he dealt with his attraction to a 27-year-old female colleague.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man wrote that he was married with three children. “I pride myself as being a faithful, loyal person. I’ve not been to siam dius or KTVs although I have friends who do, because I never wanted to be caught in a situation of being unfaithful”, he added. Recently, because of work, he got to know the 27-year-old woman he described as smart, talented and fun to work with.

“For some reasons, I find myself attracted to her. As our project ended, we started to text on other matters, like work gossips, and every few sentences with lots of emojis. I start to think about her. And feel stressed about it”, the man said. He added that he could not control his feelings but felt the best way to go about the matter was to start avoiding her and communicate less with her. “We can’t control our feelings and our affections, but we can control our actions. Sorry if it has to go this way. Wish you well”, he wrote.

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Netizens who commented on his post lauded him for his efforts. One said: “Nothing to be Sorry. You did the right thing xcos if you carry on to fantasies it may give you macho n back to in love stage..the reality is that it will bring you down the road of hell. It will cause you pain n affect your family n children life all their life into adulthood n even their own family. Run from temptation. Good thing project over and it’s your choice whether to carry on the contact or not”.

Another also said: “You can feel alot of things and not act on it. Dosen’t mean if you feel attracted then you need to pursue something with this lady. At the end of the day,you owe that loyalty to your wife. Just let it remain a feeling. I’d also think about keeping some distance if you’re feeling so attracted to her that it’s affecting you”.

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Earlier this year, a woman took to social media after discovering her roommate was dating a married man and becoming very emotionally affected by the situation. In an anonymous post to the popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman said that her roommate insists that “the one who is not loved is the third party. So she’s referring to the man’s wife as the third party which I don’t agree. I see her crying and in a state of emotional mess most of the time”.

The woman added that her roommate, whom she considered a friend, would often drop everything and go to the man when he calls. “Once we attended someone’s gathering and she just took off midway during the meal without giving an explanation. I’m running out of excuses for her irresponsible behavior as friends will usually ask me what’s up with her as we live together”, the woman wrote.

She said that her friend had become rather agitated and had started drinking every day. “I am afraid to talk to her because she will become agitated whenever I ask about her situation. We have also grown distant as she starts keeping to herself, isolating herself from other social activities. I’m very tempted to tell her family but I don’t want to ruin our friendship”, she added.

Woman seeing a married man refers to his wife as the third party and started drinking every day because she’s emotionally upset