SINGAPORE: In a rather harsh post, a man called out mothers, “especially the new ones”, and told them to ‘shut up’.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man said: “Since forever, all y’all do is complain about how tired you are being a mother. Go to any social medias (sic) platform and you’ll see comic strips or quotes about the struggle of being mothers”.

He added that they were the ones who chose to be mothers, and while it was not going to be easy, that was life. “Get over it. You picked the motherhood life, so just do your duty as a mother and stop expecting sympathy from everyone. You don’t see fathers complain about being fathers. Rarely there’s ever a quotes page or comic strip about the struggle of being fathers. You don’t hear how fathers say they are worried of not being able to provide for the family, especially their kids. It’s cause once they worry, they don’t go complain and expect sympathy. They just do their duty and do what needs to be done”, the man wrote.

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The man added that even if fathers were to bring up their issues, no one would care. But when mothers did the same, everyone gave them validation. “So stop yapping about the fact you can’t sleep at night cause your baby is crying. Stop yapping about how your man just seems to had it “easy” than you cause reality is he simply didn’t show you that he’s having a tough time too. On top of it all, quit yapping about not having enough time for yourself. Again, you chose to be mothers then obviously you’ll spend more time with your children. Enjoy the process instead of complaining”, the man wrote.

Netizens who commented on the post were divided. Some said that they agreed with him, but others said that he sounded quite bitter.

One said: “I kinda agree with him. I have seen fathers with absent mothers but there arent posts about supporting fathers in such positions. Posting on social media also gives the wrong impression to mothers who actually don’t have it that bad. One would just relate any small issues and feel that they have it bad as they try to relate to it”.

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Another, however, added: “No leh.. actually it’s not easy for them. Even if they chose to have a baby. The pain and ache after childbirth, the feeding and pumping. Then not all babies are godsent that can sleep through the nite. We as father really have it easy… At least we dun have to endure the pain and engorgement of the breasts. It’s our baby too so we should join in”.