A woman, claimed in her Facebook that a preschool teacher abused her god-daughter in a childcare centre. The first abuse happened in March, where the teacher pinched the 2-year-old girl’s face and slapped her buttocks. The child’s mother witnessed the abuse and confronted the teacher with her husband, but she denied the charges.

The child could also not articulate that she had been abused, but she came down with a fever soon after, from fear. The parents decided to give the teacher the benefit of doubt and sent the child back to the centre again. The lack of childcare spaces in the neighbourhood in Punggol is another reason why the parents did not have any other choice.

The other incident happened today (11 Aug), when the preschool teacher allegedly used a book to hit the girl on the face. In her post, Kelly seemed to indicate that the preschool teacher is not a local. She further said that the parents will be withdrawing the child from the centre.

She said both the incidents happened at a childcare centre located at Punggol.

All references to the childcare centre is removed after the centre wrote to us saying:

“The allegations made by the god-mother of the child is not true. The abusive actions mentioned did not happen. There was a misunderstanding between the parents and the centre. We have met the parents to clarify the misunderstanding. The incident was reported to ECDA and they will investigate. We cannot share details at this point of time so as to protect the parent and child’s privacy<…>We have also clarified with the god mother<…> and she agreed it was a misunderstanding and she has also removed her Facebook post. In the best interest for the child, parents and the god mother, we hope you can remove your version of the story too <…> as it contains inaccuracies that arose from the original poster’s misunderstanding and may therefore result in defamation. Please also remove the relevant post on your social media platforms.”